Searching For The Light In The Dark (G-uno)

“It’s so dark , why can’t you see the things I see?” Those were the words that left me frozen in my steps, while my mind reminded me that I needed to take the scissors from his tightly gripped hand. It’s strange because at that moment I was more afraid of his words than I was of the scissors, or the tiny stream of blood that ran slowly down my arm. I think he instinctively  understood that I wasn’t afraid of him, but for him.

He is so much smarter than most of the people I know, this fact is often overlooked by most people who can not see past his initial demeanor. It’s natural to fear, and misread things we are unfamiliar with, it’s a protective instinct. I am familiar with this type of reaction, so I know that he is not violent. I know that he is afraid of the things he sees.The things that I cannot see. I also know the self-hatred, the pain, and the shame he will feel when he is finally able to see the glimmer of light that will eventually emerge into the darkened corners of his mind.

If I had one wish in this life it would not be for money, or power. It would be to cure all mental illness. We are learning more everyday, but the pace is much too slow for all those who have to endure it’s devastating symptoms.Their suffering is worsened by the crushing weight of the stigma associated with society’s perception of mental illnesses. We may not be able to find a cure at this very moment in time, but we can at the very least launch the very same dedication to public awareness as we have towards the negative affects of smoking. After all smoking is a choice, and that is certainly not the case with mental illnesses.

“We all find ourselves in a darkened 

room from time to time.

For those that fight the demons daily,

may the sun continue to shine until

you finally can find the light.”

Jay Long


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  1. #1 by innerdragon on August 27, 2015 - 4:21 pm

    Best wishes

  2. #2 by g2 on September 2, 2015 - 4:39 pm

    whudahell? I feel like I’m missing the epic part of this story

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