Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places (G-uno)

I have a theory about the true romantics of this world.We all know those amazing people who never seem able to find “The One.” As a self-proclaimed people watcher, over the years I have started to notice that this group shares some commonalities.They are smart, warm, funny, great at analyzing everyone else’s wonderful lives, and they all hate the whole dating thing! These true romantics are not interested in the appetizers, or salads of life they prefer to go straight to the main course.

They are the realists who don’t doubt the power of love, or fear the monotony of having a routine from day-to-day. They seem to know that incredible joy lies within what others might fear to be a just plain ordinary life. They are not the run away brides/grooms who wake up on their wedding day in the middle of an anxiety attack. They are the ones who run down the aisle so they can wake up, and begin their lives with the feeling of contentment never second guessing the idea that they didn’t choose the right person.

So why is it that these people never seem to be able to find “The One”? My theory is that we are all placed here to learn certain lessons in life. The true romantics intrinsically seem to understand the lesson of the importance of sharing your life with “The One” so the Universe places them on another journey so that they can experience the importance of other lessons their souls are have not yet learned.

Pink Floyd said “You can’t have any pudding until you eat your meat!” Maybe the Universe is saying “You can’t have your main course until you learn the importance of the appetizers, and the salads in life.” 😉


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  1. #1 by g2 on September 2, 2015 - 5:58 pm

    I HATE the entire rom-com industry that has deluded women for ages into buying into the bullshit that is THE ONE! I would love to go and grab every single tear-jerking disc, break it in half and shove it up each and every producer’s ass still hell bent on selling the concept of The One.

    There is no The One.

    There is a relatively decent percentage of people who could all be great The Ones for all the other The Ones doing the looking. The limiting factor is then is just accessibility and timing.

    My timing will never work in my favor since I would rather be home reading or watching films than “going out.” I’d love to take a Japanese cooking class and it would likely be a great opportunity to meet someone with similar interests, but I found out that I have to not be at home to do that, and it just didn’t seem worth it so much anymore.

    Believing in The One often means you give up on Really Close. It also means many try to pigeon-hole One Glaring Non-negotiable Flaw with The One, hell bent on thinking you alone will be able to hone them into The One. The frustration and distraction alone consumes the time you could have been open to one of The Ones who passed by along the way.

    It is crippling emotionally and mentally to believe such a thing. There are multitudes of people and quite a large number of which will be perfect in our worlds, just as we would in theirs. But it means being open, not always lingering on the first impression, moving away from the ones with traits or ideals that don’t mesh with your own.

    It means loving yourself enough to know there is more than just One person who would love you more than you do.

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