My Newest Client “Ellie May Clampet” (G-uno)

Since I was fired by the husband stealing twin sister, because she & her sister’s husband were afraid I would tell (her twin sister, his wife) about their affair. I have taken on a new client. Before I tell you about that let me just point out that firing me may not have been a carefully thought out plan. I wonder if it ever crossed their minds that should I become angry about being fired I might actually have a good reason tell on them. Sorry about the random train of thought here, but I just never understood the logic behind that move.

The truth is I have extreme guilt over knowing about this affair, but my line of work requires me to be in the background of my client’s lives. So as much as my heart bled for the sister whose husband is having the affair with her twin sister. (Wheew!) I have never had any intention of intruding on their private lives. Now if I haven’t sent you running away from your computer screen I am going to go back to the original subject my newest client.

She is the mother of three very intelligent powerful business executives, who very much love their mother! I work for her children, but my job is to be Mom’s personal assistant. Mom has Alzheimer’s so assisting her comes with a few challenges. I very much like Mom! For the sake of her privacy I will refer to her as “Ellie May Clampet.”

Why “Ellie May Clampet”? I saw a picture of Mom when she was in her twenties, and she was the spitting image of the blonde bombshell actress that played the role of “Ellie May Clampet” in the old television show “The Beverly Hillbillies.” 😉


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