My Afternoon With Mysterious Frank (G-uno)

Frank climbed into the backseat of my car with his usual scowl. After waiting in his school car line to pick him up I may have been sporting a scowl of my own. I’m pretty sure that because of my own unusual upbringing I tend to see this kid from a more amusing point of view. He immediately gets into my car complaining about his day, always annoyed by the baby seat that sits in the middle of the backseat of my car. He reminds me that he hates that baby seat, and I remind him that he’s told me that before.
He goes straight into his disgruntled complaints about how the car seat embarrasses him. I go straight to pointing out that no one in the car line thinks it’s for him. I ask him if he has his seat belt on? He replies that he’s not going to put it on with that baby seat sitting next to him. I respond by telling him if he doesn’t buckle up I won’t drive away so we are in danger of someone having more time to see the baby seat. Then I hear his seat belt click, and we start to drive away.
This is the point where I ask him how his day was, secretly amused at the fact that Mr. Doom & Gloom is getting ready to tell me how horrible it was, and knowing fully well that he will add a few descriptive cuss words to enhance his usual disdain for his fellow classmates. Trying to be humorous I ask him how every single day is always so rotten, ignoring his colorful language. He tells me it’s because everyone is sooo…stupid!
Then he announces his usual desire to beat the crap out of whichever kid is driving him the most crazy that day. I am beginning to see that every conversation is a test to see my reactions, so I stick with my humor. The interesting thing is that my humor is above that of a nine year-old boy, but he has no trouble keeping up with my word play. Sometimes it feels like he is a crotchety old man being forced to relive his life in another child’s body.
He tells me my car is ugly, and that the baby seat, and the other toys make it look even crappier. I smile at him through my rear view mirror, and tell him well it’s cleaner than your room. He tells me that it’s old, and that he freaking hates it, pausing again to see my reaction. I smile at him again, and I tell him oh yeah well at least it has windows. He looks up at me through my rear view mirror this time smirking. He knows that I am joking about his boarded up windows that he broke out mid tantrum in his room before Christmas.
Mom is still not to happy with me since our last conversation when I suggested Frank needed psychiatric help, but she’s not willing to let me go just yet either. I think that there have been quite a few other personal assistants before me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. #1 by jasminehoneyadams on January 8, 2016 - 1:09 pm

    I wonder if the baby seat thing is jealousy because it reminds him that other children have been in your car, that they’re vulnerable (baby) and more in need of help? Maybe he’s scared that you might abandon him in favour of someone more needy – has his mother ever been a carer for a relative or a different child? She seems to be quite shut-down emotionally, maybe it’s just that?
    Wow he broke the windows and she won’t get him help? When does it become child abuse to deny medical care to a child who is clearly in emotional pain??? I know no parent wants to think their child isn’t perfect, but c’mon! Think of all the stuff you did as a child and how much of it your parents/other adults actually knew about – that’s how much about Frank we’re still not seeing, and he’s already looking like this.
    I feel like it’s totally wrong of me to offer my opinions when I’ve never met the child but he isn’t going to get any better if she ignores it and psych help might save him from jail in the future. At least someone in his life has noticed.

    • #2 by idioglossiablog on January 8, 2016 - 8:19 pm

      I value your input! I can’t pretend to understand what Mom is thinking, but I see that she is doing her best in every other aspect with the huge exception of her inability to recognize he needs help. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m like you I fear the longer this goes on the more damage is done. I keep hoping since she didn’t fire me that maybe she’s coming around. I have a huge soft spot for Frank, but I am aware that I need to be careful. Thanks again for weighing in on all of this. G-uno

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