February Sucks (G-uno)

I stand by my accusation that February is a God forsaken month! Aside from the good people who have the misfortune of being born in February there isn’t one single thing that makes this month redeemable. Yes, I know some of you are going to wholeheartedly disagree with me, but I can tell you right now if you make Valentines Day part of your defense I’m going to throw up.
I have had an issue with this month for as long as I can remember. I am willing to go so far as to say that if you remove your “Doubting Thomas” hats, and think very carefully it will not take much to bring you over to my side on this accusation. Throw out all the Valentine’s hearts, and candy you want, but he very idea of an overweight baby floating around shooting people with arrows of love is a testimony to the weirdness that  surrounds this God awful month.
To prove to you that I am not completely biased by my hatred of February I will say that there is one more good thing about it other than the birthdays of some very good people. The other good thing is that it is the shortest of the twelve months. Of course that also reinforces the fact that it manages to be more horrid than the other eleven in a shorter amount of time.
Eight days in, and I have a list of of some pretty messed up events.
  1. Frank mysteriously broke his arm at school, and refuses to tell us how it happened, let me rephrase that he, and his mother are refusing to share this information with me. I had finally discovered after months of agony that he likes sports. he’s actually very athletically inclined. The Gods of January bestowed an actual gift on me. Then four days later along comes February, an arm that has been broken in two different places. Hurling both Frank, and Mom into a completely different realm of weirdness.
  2. A very good friend of mine brought her 13 year old daughter to stay with me this Friday in order to attend my daughter’s surprise bridal shower. The two of us are very close. I can count on one hand with fingers left over the number of disagreements we’ve had over the last 35 years, but this night we had a fight over her daughter that blew up into a complete bitch fest. She snapped, and I snapped back. This carried over to the next day right into my daughter’shower. We fought some more, she ended up driving home completely pissed.
  3. Did I mention my daughter’s MIL was at the bridal shower having her own knock down drag out fight with her only daughter who decided to come out of the closet just a little over a week ago? Did I also mention that MIL was annoyed at us because we introduced her daughter’s girlfriend as her daughter’s girlfriend? An extremely great young woman who was meeting all of us for the very first time at the shower.
  4. My daughter’s future Father-in-law’s girlfriend of 12 years dumps him like a trash can, claiming that she needs some space completely devastating him. We all seem to know except for this poor guy that “I need some space” is code for I’m screwing someone else. He has a relationship with her daughter, and granddaughter. Our daughter made the decision not to invite his ex or the daughter to her wedding under these circumstances, which resulted in the daughter having a huge emotional meltdown otherwise known as an adult size temper tantrum. Demanding that she be invited to the wedding. This angers my daughter who tells her she’s sorry for hurting her feelings, but her decision to not invite them stands.
  5. My Mom’s tooth broke, and she needs a crown. She has been trying to recover from some wicked flu that has now spread to both my brother, and sister. I have a new client who is a most difficult so I am trying to figure out all of her issues.
I am just exhausted. The very idea that there are still twenty-one days left in this deplorable month leaves me filled with dread, and enough anxiety to level even the strongest of my survival instincts. For the love of all that’s holy I just want to kick that  groundhog out of it’s hole,  take it over, and not poke my head up until March arrives. Hell I’d settle for shooting the that weird ass cupid with one of his own arrows. 😉

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  1. #1 by blahpolar on February 9, 2016 - 4:16 am


    You know I agree with you completely. Sigh.

    • #2 by idioglossiablog on February 9, 2016 - 11:46 am

      Ahh yes I remember that you, and I are kindred spirits on this one. Huge hugs for you. One of us can get the Cupid while the other one goes for the groundhog. 😉 G-uno

  2. #4 by Rita on February 9, 2016 - 11:52 am

    Omg! Now I hate it too.

    • #5 by idioglossiablog on February 9, 2016 - 11:54 am

      LOL to quote Jack Nicholson “You are a woman to love!” 😉 G-uno

      • #6 by Rita on February 9, 2016 - 11:55 am

        Lol. I have the greatest photo for your post but have no idea how to put it my comment.

  3. #7 by Polysyllabic Profundities on February 9, 2016 - 2:46 pm

    I hope the rest of the month flies by without further incident!

    • #8 by idioglossiablog on February 9, 2016 - 7:55 pm

      LOL thanks. I know it sounds crazy, but I dread it every year. The funny thing being that like your post stated I do believe we get what we put out into the universe. There just seems to be some sort of bleep between me and my Karma in February. 😉 G-uno

  4. #9 by Brian on February 9, 2016 - 5:40 pm

    Ya know – that damn ground hog went back into hibernation after his prognostication. Why can’t we?

    And – I’m sure you’re filled to beyond capacity with all the ads trying to guilt men into buying ridiculous jewelry, chocolates, Teddies (either variety), for their lady. I have yet to see a single ad urging women to buy anything for their men. Whats up with that? Where’s the equality? Not that I need or want a diamond tennis bracelet, (a new golf bag would be nice . . .) but wtf?

    One more reason to detest February. At least the spousal unit and I have an agreement – ignore Feb. 14 and spread the love out over the rest of the year too.

    • #10 by idioglossiablog on February 9, 2016 - 7:50 pm

      Brian you make a valid point there is some major sexist behaviors out there! Mr G-uno, and I made a deal the first year we were married to ignore every holiday (this deal does not include our children 😉 ) and to only do things for each other when it most genuinely came to mind. Guilting someone to buying you a gift because someone deemed that day to be a holiday is a lot like getting an apology that someone was forced to give. It lacks everything that’s important from my point of view. I will admit that if I have exhibited some less than good behavior I have been known to try to smooth things over with a gift/romantic gesture, but even that originates from a genuine regret. 😉 G-uno

  5. #11 by fonzandcancer on February 10, 2016 - 12:36 am

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