so leap year day is the day Spawn gets a Schnukums (g2)

I’m sitting at dinner with Spawn (my kid) on February 29th, when they announce that as of today they are “going with” someone at school, just “out of curiosity” and to “see where it goes.”

If you know my kid, they are an old soul that is generally unmoved by the rapid emotional fluctuations of their preteen peers and just as rapid hormonal drama, so this is pretty much admitting they are *gush* *gush* “totes in loooooove.”

It takes me a bit to don my supercool parental/friend exterior that manages to fool my kid exactly never, but it doesn’t stop me from trying. All I can muster is…

“Well… since its a leap year, you technically don’t have to cough up any anniversary gifts for another four years.”

I get a snort with the eyeroll, but they are amused.

I ask what I feel I can without whipping out a spotlight and starting the interrogation.

“So, does this mean I will need to be escorting to movies or something? I promise to sit far enough away you don’t have to claim me but still close enough to pelt anyone who gets handsy in the head.”

And this is where the true “old soul” of Spawn kind of shines.

“‘Going with’ at this age doesn’t actually mean going anywhere, you know?”

Another eyeroll.

“So what does it mean? You sit together at lunch?”

“Nah, they’re too shy for that. They managed to migrate to the same table though.”

“Sounds like I have nothing to worry about, but do I get to meet Schnukums at all?”


With that I present a show that reminded me of my mom, and while she was alive, we watched together. Luke (baseball cap) is totally my totem animal.


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  1. #1 by Rita on April 18, 2016 - 4:42 am

    Love this

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