the world is ending, Spawn is ditching me on their birthday (g2)

So Spawn has a metric truckload of damn field trips and school trips to go on, one of which will consist of two nights and three days over an ENTIRE weekend. Right smack in the middle of this fun-filled little weekend is Spawn’s birthday.

Since Spawn came into my life, we have only spent rare few nights apart, and only one at a time. This is TWO, and on a day that I have been a part of for their forever. I HATE this!

I threatened to get Spawn their cake of choice right before they left so they could see it and then I would eat it all while they were gone. The look of hurt on that face… well, they decided to go, didn’t they?!

We’d originally put this trip on the “no chance in hell” category since it cost too much. However, someone cancelled last minute and they offered Spawn the spot for about a third of the original. Spawn was so thrilled.

I never would have guessed that Spawn would have taken to band like they had, but they love it. This trip is for them to perform, as are all the others. I’m thrilled they love it so much, but at the same time, I’m a pissy three year old that just had their favorite toy snatched away.

I’d already informed Spawn that if they decided to ever live on campus in college, I would be following shortly behind with cot in tow. At the time, they thought that was awesome. I get the feeling this will be less awesome to them as they get older. Would really infringe on date nights…

So now I have to figure out an epic present to get this weekend of absence since I don’t have anyone to play with, or since they got to go on this trip, maybe that is the present.

Maybe I’ll follow Marie Antoinette’s advice and just eat cake…

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