You Can Call The Scale A Liar, But The Full Length Mirror Isn’t Putting Up With Your Crap! (G-uno)

As I mentioned before a bit of vanity is a necessary component in life. I hear all the time about people who think they are fatter than they actually are, but I have the opposite problem. I really did not get how fluffy I have become. I joked with you all in a past post about purchasing a full length mirror as a form of “Checks & Balances” type strategy, and a way of getting myself to pay more attention to to my outside self. Well I did it, and holy crap!
To make matters worse I decided to have it placed on the wall in front of my shower so there could be no more denial, and let’s just say that reality has bitch slapped me senseless. Mr G-uno & our children must truly love me, or maybe like myself they are more in tune with my inner self. I was absolutely shocked by the reality of my reflection in that mirror. I was truly convinced that my scale was a big fat liar.(My apologies to my scale), and my middle finger to the full length mirror.
So I am on the vanity train now, and trying to work on getting my outter me to match my inner me. I’m just hoping I don’t give myself a fluffy heart attack in the process. Stay tuned for future progress reports on my journey to develop some vanity, and if that does’t work it should at least produce some comical posts. Off to write an apology letter to my scale. 😉

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  1. #1 by Rita on May 6, 2016 - 1:07 pm

    Oh how I relate! I killed the mirror and I buried the scale alive. Traitorous fuckers.

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