missing my best friend on their birthday (g2)

I woke up to realize its my best friend’s birthday. I remember little of the epic moments of my life. I forgot my anniversary after year one. I remember my birthday only because I’m bugged to hell about it by diligent and nosey assholes that I work with. I remember Spawn’s birthday and I remember my best friend, aka BFG‘s, birthday. Anyone else, including my mother and Grand for the longest time, I would have to look up.

For a small batch of those years, I worked at a place in which my best friend’s birthday became overshadowed by the flower-buying frenzy induced by Mother’s Day. Yes, the flower buying season on this one holiday kicks the ass of Valentine’s by leaps and bounds. Why? Because who the hell knows what to get their mom? They’re pretty and you’re not going to get stuck programming it or fixing it later.

However, my ability to remember to even text a “Happy Birthday” were slim to none those years. I am such a dick.

I realized over time how much it sucked to have this completely eclipse what was the birthday of the most awesome person I know. It became further choked by May the Fourth be with You, Return of the Fifth, Cinco de Mayo, and Free Comic Book Day. Only that last one have I given much of a shit about. The selection this year was pretty damn nice.

It always dawns on me at this time of the year too just how long its been since I’ve seen BFG. The last time we were together, BFG could carry Spawn. Spawn, now, is probably about two inches taller and could probably carry BFG if they had any upper body strength to speak of.

It’s been too damn long.

We have degenerated the past years into occasional texts and birthday e-card ala Amazon. This year I sent an animated Hoops & Yoyo with the gift card, but it’s not the same as being able to see BFG and their family. Yep, family too. Love the whole lot and would do anything they asked.

But that’s not been uncommon, these silent gaps. One of us or both will hermit for a time when we’re dealing with heavy shit we don’t want to talk about then. We’re both fixers in our own way and that can get annoying when the shit you’re dealing with just can’t be fixed so damn easily. Even through gaps of time, we’ve never had an awkward conversation while we got reacclimated. We were just always on the same page. No secrets either.

So in honor of BFG’s birthday, I will celebrate the one animal I thought would totally be BFG’s patronus if we were in Harry Potter world. The adorable, yet utterly badass honey badger.


BFG is the person who has grace, style and a temper akin to the Kraken, even as kids. BFG is the one who tells me “Dude, you look like shit, we’re getting you a haircut” (and will demand the person cut it based on their instructions), then later remark”a roll of quarters makes a great makeshift brass knuckle.” While baking a fucking cake…. in an apron.

BFG just rawks.

When we were kids, we had a few other friends that filled out our “circle.” We both had other circles, BFG was heavy metal and I was completely alt/indie, but for the most part, we were two of five that we mostly hung with.

Of course, in school we all talked about growing up and moving into a building that had just enough apartments for each of us so we could always hang out, and maybe one old guy who mumbles to himself and bitches to get off his lawn or smokes weed all day and talks about the “good ol’ times” whether anyone is there or no.

Of course, real life never works out like you plan when you’re kid, no matter how cool it might seem. I think I was the one to take off first actually. BFG wasn’t too far behind.

BFG now lives in a state I utterly detest based on the heat alone. Right now, we could drive to the other, but I want to move about 3k up and over. BFG’s only comment was “Awesome, go. I’ve always wanted to visit that area and that will save me a hotel bill.” Honestly, I’ve considered knocking them on the head and just taking them with me. It sucks not being able to hang anymore. Adulthood kind of blows.

What are your best friend memories? Do you have one particular best friend or several? How long have you known them?

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