Hi God Great News A Person On FB Is Going To Lighten Your Workload (G-uno)

You know what also happens when you take your Mom to a Drag Club for the first time, and post some pics on your FB page? You get a private message on how disgusted someone on your friends list is about the entire evening. Apparently this friend has a private line that runs directly to God, and he is also disgusted by our behavior. According to this person’s point of view I am encouraging deviant behavior.
I understand that a drag club may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine if it’s not for you then don’t go. I have the greatest respect for everyone being allowed to have their own beliefs, but stepping on mine is crossing the line. I’m old enough to know that you cannot change someone’s opinions, particularly when one is waving the “God banner” in your face so I don’t even bother going in that direction.
I did however thank this person for lightening God’s tremendous workload by stepping in to judge me. 😉

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  1. #1 by oceanswater on May 14, 2016 - 12:37 pm

    One of my main reasons for not being on Facebook any longer. 😎

    • #2 by idioglossiablog on May 14, 2016 - 12:47 pm

      It’s a shame because I am able to keep in contact with so many family members, and friends so easily. I love being able to see what they all post about, you get to be a part of their lives. I find it most interesting that they chose to blast me privately. The truth is other than being offended by having my personal boundaries crossed I’m okay with their right to express their opinions. Just a little surprised. 😉 G-uno

  2. #3 by Rita on May 14, 2016 - 1:03 pm

    Ughhhh! I keep missing that ‘Help Wanted’ sigh or ad God keeps placing. Damn, and I really could use a new job. Oh, well maybe next time 😜

    Why oh why can’t we steer our own ships and let others sail their own way?

    • #4 by idioglossiablog on May 14, 2016 - 1:09 pm

      It does make you wonder what the benefits would be like? 😉 Rita that’s one of the great questions of all time. G-uno

  3. #6 by g2 on May 16, 2016 - 1:26 pm

    You only make me regret not taking Grand to one of these. I managed to get them in a Chuck E Cheese, sporting a party hat while a guy in a mouse suit belted out a Happy Birthday (I even made Grand play the games), but this would have been much better.

    • #7 by idioglossiablog on May 16, 2016 - 7:29 pm

      Well g2 I’d say that was a pretty close second! 🙂 G-uno

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