kicking diabetic ass: day five, a bowl of spinach should not make anyone this excited (g2)

Since my prior ranting, I am ending up with another problem. I seem to be lingering more around 450-480 calories a day, but too many carbs. My goal is below 50 on the carb stuff.

The super nutritious, tastes like vanilla-flavored ass shakes are 30 of them. So I’ve been splitting them in half and use those on their own. Instead adding its companion add-on of super nutritious, lawn cuttings with no carbs to the one that actually tastes better than a yoohoo ever dreamed of, but got a nutrition grade of D.

My dinner last night was the best ever. I find it easiest just to nuke a bag of frozen veg and just eat that, but I was trying to branch out. With summer on us, I crave salads (you should see the shit I get from my kid when winter is on and I’m all about soup).

I got to eat a massive bowl full of food. Ok, so it was medium size mixing bowl, but it was full, damnit. I was so overjoyed. The chewing. I had fresh spinach in the fridge, then found some tomatoes, limes, and salsa. I don’t care what you say, but this makes a jam-up salad, especially when you don’t eat solid food during most of the day. It wasn’t enough calories, so I found me some olives and tossed those in. Yus!

I noshed until it was spotless again and just laid out like a lion after a fresh kill.

480 calories/51 carbs for the day…. DAMN! I was full, I didn’t want anything else, but I just couldn’t think of anything I had that would give me the calories without the carb. I realize now I could have added more olives, but whatever. I’ll polish the damn jar off like candy if this keeps up. I would have been happier eating 600 calories and 40 carbs.

This is a pain in the ass, is what I’m saying.

I have a business lunch I have to attend tomorrow. Thankfully, its being catered by a place that has nutritional info on their website and its salad and sandwiches.

Yes, I kind of influenced this decision, mildly.

The lowest carb one was still 48g, but half of that and a salad and I should be in the clear. I don’t want to attract any questions by eating around the bread or something (unless I can find a way to do this suavely), so I just opted for what I could fit.

Yes, I’m very private about my goings on with work people. They are work people. I will discuss in detail my past adventures of my drunken 20’s (at least the ones that won’t keep me out of public office), but if I’m currently trying some insane diet that will garner either criticism or advice from others who think they know more, hell no.

I welcome advice from you guys, but I can’t escape work people and I don’t tend to tell them enough for them to get the background info on my life and the way I come to a decision. It’s too much of a bother.

I’m a research junkie, I really don’t try shit unless I feel I can do it pretty safely. If I started getting chest pains, migraines, massive hair loss or some other such, I would stop, or adjust,  or head to the doc. I’m a little concerned with my fiber intake, so yes, I’m watching all my nutrients as well.

I meet up with my doctor at the beginning of next month and have my research material already ready to hand over with my food log.

Oh and here’s another secret. I have no idea what I weighed when I started and no clue if I’ve dropped anything. I didn’t want that to be a focus in my mind. I’ll figure that out when I see my doc. I have the chills I expected, but not always. I’m usually the one still sweltering at 69 degrees, so that’s probably normal for me. I’m also tired more often, so fine, I sleep more. That was also expected.

I guess the part I didn’t expect was that I thought I would be much hungrier. Now I would have given money to have one bite of the mac and cheese Spawn had made with their dinner last night, but one bite would have sufficed. It was also easier to turn down than I thought.

Ugh, I could go for some sashimi though…


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  1. #1 by idioglossiablog on May 20, 2016 - 11:33 am

    You rock with iron will of yours! Cheering loudly over here for you! G-uno

  2. #2 by Rita on May 20, 2016 - 1:28 pm


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