i’m going to get whiplash, but at least there’s a turkey made of ice cream (g2)

So the afternoon before my birthday, my diet buddy contacts me and says “would you be mad if I just can’t do the cake?”

My immediate response:”nope”

They started going into all the reasons of what was stressing them out so bad, but I really didn’t listen as, well I didn’t care. I was too busy placing an order for a giant ball of chocolate peanut butter ice cream shaped like a turkey.

When they stopped jibbering I asked if they minded picking it up after work the next day (love their speed), since the place was just across the street from their workplace. I didn’t tell them what I ordered though.



This is what was presented to them when they picked it up.

I heard later that the guy behind the counter was trying to figure out if my friend was disappointed or if they got the order wrong, but my friend just said “nope, nope… that indeed just screams the birthday person its going to. I just didn’t know what to expect.”

My birthday morning, I was hell bent on enjoying my usual haunt, as it was Saturday. I found out that kitschy little cafe has 3 omelets that are perfectly fine for me. With Spawn’s sore mouth, they ended up ordering what I used to always order. I showed the waitress the three omelets I was interested in and said “tell Kim to just surprise me.”

I ended up with the Sunshine omelet, which included pesto cream cheese, shallots, tomatoes, bacon and spinach and one piece of rye. It was heavenly and not bad at all healthwise. I had goop in my coffee, but no sugar.

The rest of the late afternoon was spent with the little yankee from work and her significant, diet buddy and their kids, Spawn who was so full from breakfast they didn’t eat anything (until cake of course) and me, making short work of the epic salad bar they have. I didn’t finish my plate after one trip and it took all I had to eat cake and ice cream. But I enjoyed every minute of it.

It was a really mixed assortment of people, my diet buddy being a god-fearing church goer who organizes the church choir and vacation bible school, it shocked our little yankee that we got along so well. But we’re both open-minded in spite of our differences. We’ve bumped heads a bit on the religious stuff once or twice, but only when Spawn didn’t want to spend any part of their summer at vacation bible school (they did go once) and diet buddy thought I was forcing them not to go. We got that straightened out pretty quick though, but I suspect diet buddy still wonders. Spawn doesn’t do what Spawn does not want to.

Yankee’s significant and I seemed to be completely kindred spirits on the innuendo front, so they were aces in my book immediately.

Diet buddy’s kids are just a hair into gullible and naive. They don’t get sarcasm too well, but I’ve made epic progress on that front. They also don’t get off colour humor. Considering Spawn is the youngest of the three kids and gets all the dirty jokes is kind of funny to me. Watching them have to explain it to the other two, even funnier.

4 thoughts on “i’m going to get whiplash, but at least there’s a turkey made of ice cream (g2)

    1. No worries, and thanks a ton! I’ve always felt you should get the whole week of your birthday personally, but it still hasn’t caught on.

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