kicking diabetes ass: week 2, nothing like a moment of smugness on occasion (g2)

Diet buddy gave me a fitbit for my birthday. A device I really care little about, but the fact it tracks sleeping was kind of interesting. They also got me a blood sugar testing kit. I understand when I tell my diet buddy “I’m feeling fine though” it sounds like the same cop out grand used to give me. However, I know what the lows feel like very well, and I’ve been recently introduced to the highs, so I get that too.

I’d not taken my evening dose of my blood sugar medication when they gave it to me. I’d also had ice cream and cake about a half hour before. So I took my sugar for my friend to see. It was 135. Perfectly normal. Theirs was 238.

Their words: “I hate you.”

I made sure to text them the next morning with: “Fasting sugar was 98, yours?”

Them:”shut up”

My friend and I have been essentially doing the same thing, but emulating it in different ways, I held off on meat at the beginning and avoid it when cooking at home, they have some meat every day. They are also more active in their work than I am so they have eaten more calories a day than I have. Unfortunately, they tend to use lateness and rushing as a reason to hit the value menu at McDonald’s a few times too often, like 2-3 times a week lately. I’ve started given them lists of things that are ok to eat, other than the big mac I keep seeing hit their log.

I get that diet buddy feels the need to provide at least one meal for their kids (they do their own in the AM and school provides lunch), but my perspective is that since one is even in high school, they can start providing the evening meal since their parental works long hours, like Spawn does now. There’s no excuse for calling McD’s a “meal.” There’s also no time like the present to teach your genetically tied offspring how to eat so they don’t get diabetes.

Wow, I sound like an elitist.

However, I don’t think my buddy realizes that garbage accumulates. So their numbers are never going to get in control if they keep using excuses to keep the garbage flowing in. You can get something fairly healthy at McDonald’s, but you have to look it up and of course, its ALWAYS going to be better to cook.

I try to research any place I’m going to find something I can have before I go, Spawn is even starting to get good at it and will look it up on my phone while we head to wherever. My breaded chicken salad debacle was due to no research and a drugged kid to contend with, so I attempted instinct and it bit me in the ass. Lesson learned, read the fine print.

Another friend’s husband was recently told that he was banned from processed meats, his kidneys are failing and he too has diabetes. He’s not even overweight. I asked diet buddy if they eat this stuff, and if so, stop and see if this helps their sugar. I was told “yes, but very little.” My response is “go for none, if it kills your kidneys, why risk it?”

I’m starting to figure out why diet buddy’s doctor assume they’re lying when their A1C is telling a different story, but I’m starting to get the sense that diet buddy has about a 60% grasp on what healthy really means. Calories matter, sure, but how you’re getting those calories make the lifelong benefits.

This is also the person who has medical access to studies on products that claim they benefit health. I can ask for a recipe for a tincture that would clear an infection of any nature and they could give a list of shit I’ve never heard of. They are trained to know health and improvement of health. So why is the food so hard?

I guess I’m mostly irritated that yes, they are under an incredible amount of stress and I’m sure that exacerbates the problem. But this will kill them if they don’t fix it, and they have two kids to still worry about. I guess the underlying self-soothing part of yourself tries to tell yourself you deserve the big mac for all the effort you put forth, but don’t you deserve a 93% lean beef homemade burger with a thin slice of aged sharp cheddar and a pumpernickel bun a little more? If you’re going to be “bad” be the best bad you can, you know?

My final tally on my birthday when I added everything up ironically was about 1300. It’s lower than it estimates I burn no matter what calc I use, so win there. Also, my carb total was still in 50’s range. Another win. So in more than one way, I enjoyed my day of rebelliousness. It let me know I will be fine when I’m no longer constraining.

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