Why Is It That No Matter How Old We Get We Still Want Our Mom? (G-uno)

In this life some people are like shooting stars, they light the sky more brightly than the others, but for a much shorter time. While they shine they burn with such beauty, and intensity that they can never be forgotten. I woke up today the same way I do every June 24th wanting to be with my Mom just one more time. Today would have been her 73rd birthday, but in this life she only made it to her 25th birthday.

I still remember how she looked when she smiled, and the sound of her laugh. My own daughter is just a little older than my mother was when she passed. As a child she seemed older, and now I realize just how very young she was. I think about how brave she was facing her immortality while leaving her four year-old child behind. I think about her incredible strength as she laid in her bed reading me fairy tales because her frail body was too weak to stand.

Every day as the light from within her slowly dimmed she remained my mother. The truth is if she had lived even until today our time together would not have been enough for me. When I miss my mother I don’t have to look any further than my own daughter to see her again. Her namesake smiles her beautiful smile, laughs her wonderful laugh. They walk the same way, and they love all the same things.

I know that she lives on in me, and in her grandchildren. I know that I was incredibly blessed to have been her daughter. I have carried her with me to every  important milestone in my life in some small way. Yet every year when her birthday comes I still want my mother.

18 thoughts on “Why Is It That No Matter How Old We Get We Still Want Our Mom? (G-uno)

  1. So nice that you have such a loving memory of your mum. I lost my own mum just over a year ago. But her memories live on in me, Please allow me to share the link to the tribute I made her recently”https://victorscornerdotorg.wordpress.com/2016/04/22/tribute-to-my-mother-2/. Thank you.

  2. How very beautiful. Here is a big virtual hug from me. Your mom is always with you. She is there with you, with your daughter watching both of you and I’m sure she is incredibly proud of you. Feel her touch in the wind, feel her kiss in the sun, hear her words out there in nature either through the singing of the birds or the waves.

  3. Oh, I wish I could hug you so tight. This is an absolutely magnificent tribute. I am moved so deeply that I cannot express it appropriately. Much love to you ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Matt. I was blessed twice. Seven years later my father remarried to my second Mom who has loved me as if I were her own. I like to think that she was a gift from my Mom. 😉 G-uno

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