the yankee hates her f*tard boss (g2)

So my co-worker The Yankee invited Spawn and I over for their housewarming/Fourth of July festivities with other friends and co-workers. How this initially abrasive being has managed to win over the good graces of half the building, I will never understand but I have to say I’m kind of grateful for it.

Where I work, there is this US vs. THEM kind of vibe between departments. My department, mostly, has all been here about 4 years or less, with the exception of one self-proclaimed VP who has been here too damn long and should honestly be let go. When you’re biggest task for bragging rights is balancing one of the owner’s checkbook, you need to understand you’re an overpaid personal secretary and fuck off. She however has vast delusions of grandeur and is one of those who constantly plays the martyr, even though she has more fucking vacation time, benefits, pay… than anyone else.

She is also the one who hired the Yankee, gushed about their wonderfulness and absolute genius to an annoying degree (I think I went over this before that this woman thinks I’m a fucking idiot), and I’m guessing was hoping they would form a clique with the other useless, manipulative piece of shit that has everyone snowed. Ah three musketeers.

The Yankee can’t fucking stand her. And its getting worse every day. This amuses me to no end.

Personally, I give it a long try, but if I can’t get along with my direct superior, I’m looking for work elsewhere. That relationship is very important to me. We have to be able to work together. I adore my boss right now, we often see things eye to eye and back one another up. I have been seriously lucky in this department for the last 10+ years, I’m hoping its for making up for some epic shitty ones before.

During the course of the Yankee’s time here, they have managed to befriend and divulge a lot about the dynamics of the other departments. They found out that my department is absolutely hated, that we’re evil, that we’re a bunch of bastards… but this is a theme fostered by old fucktards in other departments that only remember the fucktards my department replaced… with the exception of one old fucktard anyway.

The new people are trying to reconcile what they’re being told with what they’re dealing with and its not matching up at all. My boss always breaks her neck to help anyone, but she’s no doormat. One of my other co-workers has all the aggression of a puppy, then there’s the yankee, me and the fucktard. I’m at most curt, but only because you can’t emotionally interpret shit in a 5 word email. I learned that the hard way decades ago. I’ve made a point of telling any of the ones I’ve met, you don’t have to schedule time with me, just come, nothing I’m doing is more important.

I always wondered why when some of the ones in our project department needed to ask me questions, they always maneuvered like they were navigating broken glass. I got along with quite a few, but the older ones I always felt needed a heavy dose of humbling and an attitude adjustment before they ran off the really good new people they didn’t bother to train.

The design team had nothing to do with us at all, I’ve only dealt with one guy in there and he’s kind of a slackass shit disturber who’s been here a long time. See a theme? Because of the Yankee, I’m slowly getting more interaction with these mythical beings that share common space with me that think I work in a lair rather than an office.

With all of this new information, and other departments who have an “in” via the Yankee… I’m kind of interested to see how the Fourth is going to play out when I’m in a situation where I’m not glued to a computer and can actually interact.


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  1. #1 by idioglossiablog on July 15, 2016 - 8:12 pm

    Can’t wait to read that post lol. G-uno

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