From Hawaii To Humiliation Ex-Hubby’s Back (G-uno)

Just when you think you’ve been served a full plate at the “Karma Cafe” you find out that your also entitled to some just dessert. Folks we are not talking about pineapple upside down cake although upside down is a pretty accurate adjective for the state of Ex-hubby’s affairs. Sorry awful pun intended here. Ex-hubby is back from his vacation for one, and I think he would love nothing more than to run away again, but this time with a no return ticket.
His 24 year old pregnant mistress decided that since the “oops you had a vasectomy that came undone story” wasn’t flying that it was time to move on to move forward with her life by revealing who her (pardon the slang) “Baby Daddy ” is, and no it’s not their hunky pool guy. It’s way worse than being left for someone younger. It’s so much more humiliating than that, even though I think Jane was secretly hoping it would be someone younger. Don’t feel too sorry for Jane though because karma has amply decided to reward her for all the horrible things she had to endure when Ex- hubby left her for a woman who is two years younger than their daughter “Khaleesi.”
Are you holding on tight? It’s Ex-hubby’s business partner, and friend of 25 years! Please do not let the irony of the fact that their 25 year partnership is exactly one year older than the 24 year-old office secretary they are sharing escape your attention. Jane tried to muster up some sympathy as she delivered this news to me, but even over the phone I could picture the look of satisfaction I could not physically see. What was this 24 year old woman thinking? Even worse what were these two 50 plus year-old men thinking?
I love Jane, but I have to admit I am feeling sorry for Ex-hubby too. I know he brought all of this mess onto himself, and I have to keep reminding myself that he had no sympathy for Jane when he was moving full speed ahead with his new life. To make matters worse I have to truthfully confess to you that I can’t wait for lunch today. 😉

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  1. #1 by KC on July 21, 2016 - 12:38 pm

    No sympathy for him. But what a story for a Telenovela. I’m sure the atmosphere in the office is anything but light and chummy.

    • #2 by idioglossiablog on July 21, 2016 - 8:18 pm

      I can’t even imagine, and I know his partner very well. On the upside he is divorced so no wife to hurt, but according to Jane Ex-hubby is not a happy camper! G-uno

  2. #3 by g2 on July 21, 2016 - 3:20 pm

    I feel nothing. I have never understand how in hell someone thinks that they can chase the fountain of youth in a kid’s pants. They look pathetic and desperate, not the hot and sexy they were hoping. Sorry son, you’re still a saggy fucking wet paperbag of a man trying to stand tall next someone who still has elasticity (I’m looking at you too, Trump… you’re not a “catch”). When your colostomy bag busts, I hope you don’t expect Bambi to clean it up.

    In fact, when this first came up, my only thought if “wtf is wrong with this guy, did he hold his newborn daughter and think… man, I gotta get me a piece of this in 20 years!”

    This is how sick this kind of thing strikes me.

    On top of that, his hostile indifference to the whole thing, as though life owed him a hot trollop to fuck over his wife with, the fact the trollop was a charity case of the wife’s who entrusted it in her husband’s care with no worries.

    This dynamic always makes me think of a particular interview with Daniel Radcliffe.

    I love the way he puts it. A guy has to ask a girl’s age before making disparaging remarks about her tits. Why? Can he really not tell she’s too young to consider? Women on the other hand seem to have a much more narrow range and see anything outside of that as a “kid.”

    On sight, with no other information.

    Why is 40 too old for a woman to be a romantic lead, but guys are in it in their 60’s and 70’s? But with woman at least 20 years younger. It’s fucking gross, man.

    I’m hoping this guy ends up in such dire straights, he has to become a concubine for an 80 year old woman with a hairy mole on her lip who likes to kiss and has a mad case of halitosis.

  3. #5 by Barney on July 21, 2016 - 5:40 pm

    Oooooohhhhhh! Nuff said!

  4. #7 by Rita on July 21, 2016 - 9:53 pm

    I am without words! I am however in possession of the name of a good screen writer. I’m flummoxed.

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