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Voting Perspective From A Woman With Alzheimer’s (G-uno)

Ms. Lee is not your average 82 year old woman with Alzheimer’s. She remains intelligent in her ability to analyze life based on years of her own experiences. The conversations we share on our outings to the “Cracker Barrel” have become some of my most treasured conversations. Her ability to separate her own personal experiences with racial indignities reveals one of the most insightful and intelligent personalities I have ever known.

So out of complete curiosity I had to ask Ms. Lee her thoughts on the upcoming election. This is not a conversation I have invited anyone else to have with me .  I am always open to adult opinions of our candidates. I have no desire to sway, or disrespect another person’s point of view.

We finished our early breakfast, and as has become our routine we went out to the front porch of the restaurant to find two rocking chairs to share our conversations of the morning. For me it’s like being a child again on the front porch of my grandmother’s home. For Ms. Lee it’s the front porch of her childhood home in Mississippi.

Ms. Lee continues to watch the news, speeches, and debates. I opened our conversation by asking her opinion of both Mrs Clinton, and Mr.Trump. She rocked for a bit giving my question some careful thought. Then she said with a huge smile”This has been something to see hasn’t it?”

She began by speaking about Mr, Trump. ” You know I don’t think this man is the devil.” Smiling at me she continued “But I don’t believe he ever thought he would actually be a candidate either.” I asked why she felt that way, and she said “I don’t know exactly, but it’s a feeling I get whenever I watched him speak. I think a man who has lived such a grand life runs out of new experiences. I think he liked the idea of seeing how far this would take him. She began to laugh out loud  “He always looks a little surprised like a mischievous little boy who just got away with something.” “I think he’s gone so far with this he didn’t know how to turn back.”

Then I asked her about Mrs Clinton. She smiled at me again, and said ” I think she’s a very smart lady. An ambitious woman who has managed to survive in a man’s world. It takes great courage, but the price to be paid may be much higher than she realizes.” Ms. Lee rocked some more. Then she turned to me, and said ” Isn’t it funny how everyone who walks into that position with such high ambitions comes out realizing it’s an impossible dream whether they have good intentions for our country, or strictly for themselves?”

Ms. Lee saw the look of concern on my face. She reached over. and patted my hand. “Don’t you worry child, no matter who gets elected they are never really in charge.” This time I laughed. 😉


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Mysterious Tarzan (G-uno)

I’m a gal who follows her gut instinct. I am not one hundred percent accurate, but I have a pretty good track record. So the big question is “Is Tarzan seeing another woman?” The answer is yes. Was Jane’s gut instinct 100% correct? Not exactly, but we will give her a score of 90%. Tarzan has been secretive. He is guilty of lies by omission. Worst of all he knew right from the start that Jane had huge trust issues after everything Ex-hubby had put her through, not to mention that he had cheated on Jane himself when they dated before Ex-hubby.

He is seeing a 28 year-old tall slender blonde, but she is not his lover. She is his daughter. A daughter he knew existed. A daughter he only saw once in person after her birth, and  three times over the last two months. Jane is livid. He is standing his ground by saying that he did not want to be a father, and that his daughter’s mother made the choice to have her on her own. Essentially his argument is that he is the equivalent to a sperm donor.

Jane’s argument is that she asked him if he had children when they first started seeing each other again. His argument is that he is not her father because he chose not to be a father right from the start. Jane’s rebuttal to that is that if that is in fact true then why are you sneaking around seeing her now? His reply was that they are not married, and that he is entitled to his privacy.

Jane’s rebuttal-” Fuck you!” So where do you all stand on this slippery slope?

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Jane Thinks Tarzan Is Cheating (G-uno)

I was running around like a busy little Zen beaver trying to take advantage of my new zest for life after riding my reset button, and I guess “The Universe” has decided to see if I can maintain this peaceful state of being. Keep in mind I’m still up to my eyeballs facing the impending deaths of two of my clients. It does sting to be back on the proverbial work wheel. Because of their situations I am working a lot more hours. Jane calls me on my way to the grocery store dropping the bomb that she thinks Tarzan is cheating. So our phone call went like this…
Jane- I think Tarzan is cheating!
Me-Well hello Jane, yes my vacation was wonderful, and don’t be freaking insane Tarzan loves you.
Jane- Glad you had a great time. We will talk about that at lunch with the girls. Now listen to me I’ve been on this pony ride before, and I’m pretty damn sure he’s cheating!
Me- Why what has he done?
Jane-We’re only having sex like twice a week, and he’s been taking a lot of calls out in the back yard.
Me- Jane twice a week is not so bad for people our age. Tarzan is always working in the back yard, that’s why it looks like Disney out there.
Jane- I just have a weird feeling.
Me- Not every guy is “Ex-hubby.” Just talk to him maybe he’s distracted about something else.
Jane-It must have been a f#%*ing awesome vacation, now stop being so F#%*ing reasonable. See you at lunch.
Now I can’t stop thinking about what what she said. She really didn’t pick up so quickly on Ex-hubby’s cheating. Then again neither did I.

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The Euphoric Reset Button (G-uno)

The curtains were softly blowing open it was just enough for me to smell the blooming night flower. I’m not sure what was more intoxicating the view of Athens lit up at night, or the sound of my family’s laughter coming from the next room. After being away for so many years it was euphoric to be surrounded by them. It was like a dream I never wanted to wake up from, I was home surrounded by love. I had the feeling that all the years between now, and my last time home had evaporated.
I felt the kind of comfort I imagine an infant feels wrapped in the loving arms of their mother. I had not felt that kind of peace in a very long time. The last decade of our lives had been filled with death, depression, and sprinkles of happiness in between. It had taken a huge toll on all of us in ways I don’t think we could even comprehend. I stood in the doorway watching Mr. G-uno, our children, and our Greek family laughing. In that moment I could feel joy literally swelling inside myself.
There is no feeling in the world like being surrounded by unconditional love. I knew in the back of my mind that this time to be together would be very short, but I was able to dismiss that dark thought. Instead I fell hopelessly into love, and laughter that filled the room. It was like hitting a reset button. Like shedding an old body that had been way to heavy for way too long. I watched Mr. G-uno come back to life right before my very eyes. I saw our children fall right back into a bond they were to young to remember existed.
As we grow older there are certain aspects of ourselves that we want our children to experience. The kind of things that no amount of words, no matter how eloquent they are can relay. As a mother it was a chance for my children to see me as I am as a person. A chance to understand who I am when I’m not consumed with managing life. I think I’m a little shocked by how much that meant to me. My wish is that everyone out there will have this kind of euphoria many times in your life. 😉


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“My Life In Ruins” G-uno

I know why the Greek “Gods” frolicked on the Acropolis in ancient Greece. It was because there is something magical about standing on top of that mountain overlooking all of Greece. At the risk of being completely partial I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. Being there breathes new life into me. My family has a lot to do with that without a doubt, but one would have to be in a coma not to pick up on the undeniable vibrations of something different in the atmosphere.
Stumbling around the ancient ruins you can’t help but notice the looks on the faces of every passing tourist. The complete, and utter look of awe. This was not my first trip through the ancient ruins. I was born there, and have returned there four times before. This was my fifth visit, but my first since the Greeks had begun to remove the ruins. They have built a fantastic museum to both recreate, and preserve the Parthenon in it’s original state of being. They actually uncovered a buried city while constructing the new museum. They brilliantly decided to uncover, and showcase the ruins beneath the new museum with clear flooring. So as you walk through the new museum, you can look down at the view of the newly discovered treasures below.
I think you need three full days to fully explore every part of the museum the way I would want to explore it, my family votes two. No matter how many times I have seen the ruins I find myself utterly drawn to them. Even though I am a huge fan of the new museum I felt the loss of  not seeing the Parthenon in it’s original birthplace. I felt a sadness for all those who had missed out on climbing up the Acropolis, and feeling the thrill of laying their hand on the side of the magnificent stone where billions of others had rested their hand before. On each of my prior visits, I sat across from the Parthenon watching each person who had reached the top do exactly the same thing.
I have often wondered if our hands laid where the ancient greats hand’s once laid. I like the idea of my hand resting in the same place as theirs. I love sitting in the outdoor cafes at the base of the great mountain sipping Greek coffee while staring up at the great ruins people watching, imagining what it must have been like so many years before. I can’t shake the feeling that although the surroundings have changed over the many years the essence of the people remains the same. 😉


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