Mysterious Tarzan (G-uno)

I’m a gal who follows her gut instinct. I am not one hundred percent accurate, but I have a pretty good track record. So the big question is “Is Tarzan seeing another woman?” The answer is yes. Was Jane’s gut instinct 100% correct? Not exactly, but we will give her a score of 90%. Tarzan has been secretive. He is guilty of lies by omission. Worst of all he knew right from the start that Jane had huge trust issues after everything Ex-hubby had put her through, not to mention that he had cheated on Jane himself when they dated before Ex-hubby.

He is seeing a 28 year-old tall slender blonde, but she is not his lover. She is his daughter. A daughter he knew existed. A daughter he only saw once in person after her birth, and  three times over the last two months. Jane is livid. He is standing his ground by saying that he did not want to be a father, and that his daughter’s mother made the choice to have her on her own. Essentially his argument is that he is the equivalent to a sperm donor.

Jane’s argument is that she asked him if he had children when they first started seeing each other again. His argument is that he is not her father because he chose not to be a father right from the start. Jane’s rebuttal to that is that if that is in fact true then why are you sneaking around seeing her now? His reply was that they are not married, and that he is entitled to his privacy.

Jane’s rebuttal-” Fuck you!” So where do you all stand on this slippery slope?

22 thoughts on “Mysterious Tarzan (G-uno)

      1. Yeah, it’s possible. I just so wish he’d made the choice to trust her.

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    1. The lie rings loudly. The thing that keeps getting me is that in every other way he has been pretty extraordinary. Does not forgiving him mean that there’s never any room for error within relationships? G-uno

      1. I guess only you can answer that for your relationship. I think the question is if he gets why you are upset and understands it too. Also if he feels sorry for having made a mistake there or not. I think that certain things need to be talked about. I sort of see his point but I don’t understand the way he handled it at all. The moment he found out about his daughter and decided to meet her he should have told you. At least after the first meeting. Does he understand how much it upsets you?

        1. Good points. Tarzan is Jane’s boyfriend so I will pose these questions to her. As an outsider looking in I think he panicked because he knew he had originally stated he had no children. Thanks for your perspective. G-uno

  1. You can’t choose to not be a father when you are the source of 50% of another persons DNA – assuming the DNA donation was done the old fashioned way. Overall, this just speaks to his character, and it ain’t shining a very favorable light on it. I kind of like the “Fuck you” scorched earth approach here. She deserves better and Tarzan is clearly NOT the guy to provide it for her.

    1. You and I are on the same page regarding the DNA. If a pregnancy is accidental, and women have the right to choose whether they want to be a mother or not is it fair that men should not have a choice because they are biologically incapable of carrying a child? I hate that he lied, but people do hide the parts of their lives that they feel a sense of shame over.

  2. yeah… spidey senses are tingling. He should have been upfront from the get-go. If there is nothing to hide, why is he hiding it? And what else is he hiding? Sorry Jane… deserve someone who will want your opinion and include you in every part of their life. xx

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