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When Desire Meets Intensity (G-uno)

Her hands trembled as her eyes nervously roamed around the room. I felt her apprehension the moment I entered the room. She was not herself. She was full of anxiety over her desire to hide herself, and her desperation to expose herself. Her need to know brought her out of the shadows of her long hidden existence.
It’s something that occurs when ones own mortality is faced with the realization that time is dwindling. When one reaches the point where anger still lingers inside them. Their anger is no longer about their limited mortality, it is about the realization that the power to reach for their own desires in this life where always within their own capabilities.
It comes from realizing that you held the keys to the kingdom in your very own hand, but your mind hid them from your eyes. She stared right through me with her “Bette Davis Eyes,” I was frozen by her gaze. “I have never had an orgasm.” I sat down beside her, and in my desperation to comfort her the regret that was overwhelming her I said “I’m pretty sure a lot of women from your generation may not have.”
She searched my face for any signs of bullshit. When she felt satisfied that I was not patronizing her she asked me what it was like? In my mind I wasn’t sure if I could describe what an orgasm felt like to her. It struck me that it would be like describing color to a person who had always been blind. My moment of pause caused her to become embarrassed by her question so in her true “Bette Davis” like way she snapped harshly at me. “Just never mind!”
I smiled at her, and explained that it would be like describing sex to someone who had never had sex. I asked her to give me a moment, then I told her that for me it is the point where desire meets intensity. A moment where both my mind, and my body reach a point of intense urgency. A point where my body no longer waits for my permission to respond, and I am completely taken over by tremors of pulsating euphoric release that are completely beyond my control.
I can see the wheels turning in her head. Then smiling she looks up at me, and says ” Well way to dangle the perfectly grilled steak in front of the woman with no teeth!” 😉

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Undeniably Awake (G-uno)

He was electrical. Both sexes were equally drawn to him for both reasons they understood, and on a deeper level feared. When he entered the room he owned it, in fact that was never even a notion he questioned. He seem to instinctively know the desires of everyone who surrounded him. He knew they needed a reason to let their freak flags fly so he easily transformed into the man who lived life on the edge. He answered to no one, flowing deeply inside anyone who exhibited even the tiniest desire to let him in.
She gazed at him watching them one by one fly into the center of his flame. They were drawn to him in the same way a moth is drawn to light. They were so mesmerized by his possibility that they would ignore the burn that came with his flame.Being around him made them all feel golden. That was his undeniable charm. His intoxicating lure let them explore the parts of themselves that they feared. and desperately wanted to indulge. He took them to the brink of utter delight. He penetrated every pore of their desire until the moment they could see the man behind the electricity. and when that moment came he left them still craving more.
Her eyes were the only pair he could not escape. She was an innocent with a full grasp of his illusion. She neither craved,.nor desired his intoxicating escape. She desired more than his golden illusion. She knew who he was. She knew the side of him that he could not bear for anyone to know. He wanted her to close her eyes, but she was undeniably awake.

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Tarzan Gets Zero Sympathy (G-uno)

Our little blog is not huge in its following, but I take huge pride in the fact that those who do seem to be way above average in their I.Q’s. I am never let down by your thoughts on a variety of different subjects. There is an old quote that states the best mirror is a friend’s eye. This certainly has become true with our followers. I not only appreciate your insight, but I look forward to knowing what you are thinking. So thank you all so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Unanimously no one felt like Tarzan’s deceit should be given a second chance. LOL if Jane knew about this blog she would be entirely pleased to know you shared her opinion. I read, and reread all of your comments. I really couldn’t disagree with anyone’s point of view so I will swallow my tiny nagging inner doubt, and move forward. Jane is incredible in every way so I have great faith that the “Universe” will remember this. I also have faith that she will meet a man who will not break her trust.

The only thing worse than being hurt in this life is seeing someone you love get hurt.

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Tarzan Is Leaving The Jungle (G-uno)

Even though I cannot deny that the whole secrecy thing struck me as a huge red flag, another part of me felt like people make mistakes. We all have a tendency to hide the things from our past that we may feel a sense of shame over. I’m not a human doormat, but I’m big on figuring out why someone would hide something before deciding not to give them a second chance. Jane says that’s a dangerous way to live.
She may be right. I think I feel this way because I cherish the idea that we can all be forgiven for making mistakes. My line in the sand is when we have explored what, and why something happened I make it clear that if the violation occurs again that it’s no longer a mistake, but a conscious choice. That is the point where I walk away. I’m not sure everyone who begins a relationship discusses their boundaries. For a lot of people it’s a journey that slowly reveals boundaries they may not have even known they had.
Jane feels like she clearly stated her boundary limits right from the start, and that Tarzan poorly chose to take a chance by crossing that line. I cannot argue that logic. I think I’m just really sad for them both. The girls, and I discussed the fact that he did not commit an infidelity. Jane’s response was that even though he had not cheated he broke an equally powerful trust agreement between them. 😉

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Heartbroken (G-uno)

Heartbroken- I say this to you both figuratively, and literally. Literally my heart is broken. Ever since my magical get away I have not been quite up to my usual self. I left feeling pretty tired, and emotionally exhausted. Two weeks with my tribe did wonders for my emotional exhaustion yet some how my physical self continued to dwindle. It appears that my heart is actually broken. I will have to endure three weeks of testing to find the actual broken part. In case I have failed to mention this to you I am the World’s worst patient!

I attribute this to being the counterbalance for being one of the World’s best caregivers. In this life I feel everything directly channel through my heart. To the many others of you out there nodding up, and down in full understanding you know that this trait is both a fierce blessing, and a physical drain. I personally find it a small price to pay in exchange for being able to vividly feel every emotion that surrounds me. It’s like feeling the world in some form of 3-D perception.

When I am with you, you can be sure that you have my full undivided  attention whether I intend to give it to you, or not. I’m like a human receptor for every single emotion whether it’s good, bad, or anything in between. The upside being I can bathe in your happiness. The downside is that I can drown in your sorrows. Apparently my heart is feeling some strain from all the roaming.

I’m doing my best to keep up with this fascinating life of mine. I am also pouting a bit that I can not run at the full speed I am accustomed to running with, and feeling a bit humbled by my physical inability to keep up. A lesson no doubt from a” Universe” that is so much wiser than I am, and decidedly more patient too. 😉

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