Undeniably Awake (G-uno)

He was electrical. Both sexes were equally drawn to him for both reasons they understood, and on a deeper level feared. When he entered the room he owned it, in fact that was never even a notion he questioned. He seem to instinctively know the desires of everyone who surrounded him. He knew they needed a reason to let their freak flags fly so he easily transformed into the man who lived life on the edge. He answered to no one, flowing deeply inside anyone who exhibited even the tiniest desire to let him in.

She gazed at him watching them one by one fly into the center of his flame. They were drawn to him in the same way a moth is drawn to light. They were so mesmerized by his possibility that they would ignore the burn that came with his flame.Being around him made them all feel golden. That was his undeniable charm. His intoxicating lure let them explore the parts of themselves that they feared. and desperately wanted to indulge. He took them to the brink of utter delight. He penetrated every pore of their desire until the moment they could see the man behind the electricity. and when that moment came he left them still craving more.

Her eyes were the only pair he could not escape. She was an innocent with a full grasp of his illusion. She neither craved,.nor desired his intoxicating escape. She desired more than his golden illusion. She knew who he was. She knew the side of him that he could not bear for anyone to know. He wanted her to close her eyes, but she was undeniably awake.

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