yankee heather is now furniture (g2)

I have finally settled my anger over the melodramatic bullshit my co-worker has inflicted upon me. I realized I’m not so much mad at her, she can’t help being the elitist fuckwad that she is. I’m more angered by how it was handled by her superior.

I have my shared mailbox access back. I don’t think Yankee Heather does though. the arrangement is I have to forward everything to her and CC her boss when I do. That last part was my suggestion, at least until the petty bullshit is done + six months or until she quits from being “picked on.”

I had a conversation with her boss that as far I was concerned there were no problems other than her pathetic retaliation to cause turmoil that was based on nothing. Everything I do is based on a philosophy of being transparent and completely documented and I’d be happy to show her how I organize anything. You don’t accuse a person who can produce years of archived emails of deleting shit. It’s just a bit too obvious what you’re doing and my seniority here is longer.

Shortly after the accusation, Yankee Heather started being super friendly.

What the hell? Can anyone explain that? Accuse someone of random bullshit because you’re incapable of having an adult conversation then act like you did nothing and you’re besties?

I don’t function this way. Once I’ve hit my limit, I’m done… completely.

So I didn’t respond.

I stopped talking to her at all, unless it is a specific work-related topic and I have to. When they told me to train her on something, I wrote up a tutorial with pictures and emailed it to her, her boss and my boss. Now everyone is completely aware of my training and anything said.

If no one else is in the office, I skip saying hello or goodbye, I don’t make chitchat with anyone while she’s around and I leave when I’m done. She’s uncomfortable. I’m enjoying the first peace I’ve had in weeks, no…. months.

She was put over international accounts. The dipshit who hails northern education superior to southern education tried to get my boss to “correct” the entry for Switzerland because “the spelling was all kinds of crazy.”


Yankee Heather didn’t know that Swaziland was a country in Africa.

I wonder if she even knows Africa is a continent. I learned this in school. Her automatic assumption was that being surrounded by Southerners, it must just be our backwoods edukayshun.

And yes, I misspelled that intentionally in case any of you have the same mindset as Yankee Heather.

I piped in long enough to explain the country abbreviation for Switzerland was CH, like CHF being Swiss Francs, and she was looking in the wrong area of the alphabet for the country she needed.

She said that was stupid that it didn’t start with an S. I responded that it would only be stupid if they called themselves “Switzerland” too, but they don’t.

The foreign accounts are going to be very interesting while she’s over them…

2 thoughts on “yankee heather is now furniture (g2)

  1. She sounds kind of dangerous in a conniving, backstabbing way. I have worked with people like her. Two huge suggestions. Never have a conversation with her without a witness and leave a very clear, concise paper trail with every email CC’d to your boss. Don’t try to correct her. Let her get herself in hot water. If she asks for help do it by email only. Take my word for it. My supervisor caught another supervisor making up major lies about me. She did this about everyone but until she got herself fired she make work a holy hell.

    1. you are COMPLETELY correct. I don’t. someone has to be there for all the reasons you stated, otherwise she will latch on to even my “good morning” as being somehow about her. Yesterday I had to tell her to stop using a certain number range to post entries as it caused me to have void about ten live checks. I made sure another one of my coworkers was present, but it was something that needed to be addressed quickly before she kept doing it and both of our bosses were in meetings the entire day. joy.

      Whine whine whine… poor me… was the response, I sent an email telling my boss what had happened and that I’d addressed it and later on her boss re-emails the office etiquette list they’d gone over with all of us during our reviews.

      Me being the pillar of tact that I am just point blank asked her boss why she sent that out again. I was given little more than “reasons.”

      I think her boss knows what shes doing and this is her way of pacifying it without dealing with it.

      Oh, and I did correct the living shit out of her over the Swaziland thing… I just did it in front of my boss, My boss is one of those souls that everyone likes and respects, even Yankee Heather, and whining about how I said something would not even rate as worthy of mentioning and would annoy the crap out of her. She attempts to ingratiate herself with my boss constantly. Quite the little manipulator.

      My boss and I are about the same age and similar temperaments and work ethic, We listen to the same genre of music mostly and both of us want to migrate back out west one day, which is why we get along as well as we do, so I’m really not sure when it turned ok to shit on me, other than the fact YH and I hung out outside of work on occasion where my boss just doesn’t do that.

      The bulk of your friendships are based on who you are around but individuals like this one just really make the whole social aspect not even worth the effort It’s sad..

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