welcome to the first reboot of star trek, spawn (g2)

Ok, since I was a very little kid, I have been a trekkie. I remember my young mind wondering what shade of girlfriend Kirk was going to get that day. And like most of us who immerse in the magic of our memories, rather than reliving them in vivid flaws with the knowledge of today’s world (I’m looking at you SuperGirl 1984 and the show that revived the same sexist bs… you’re so so awful), I have avoided watching any of the damn original series for fear that my old and pessimistic eyes will ruin everything I hold dear.

But Spawn was curious when Netflix offered TNG aka the Next Generation, the years of Jean-Luc Picard and his idyllic guidance in the roughest (and weirdest) of situations, I just had to see if it still played out in today’s world.

I also enjoyed explaining to Spawn that this guy:

Wil Wheaton in The Guild
Wil Wheaton (center) in The Guild. He played opposite Felicia Day as… nemesis, frenemy, love interest, love hatrist?

Was the same as this guy:

Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton (left) on the Big Bang Theory amused by Sheldon’s ire while sporting a t-shirt from the last show

This guy:

Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton (right) in Stand by Me

And finally, this guy:

Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek TNG

Since Spawn remembers Wil Wheaton mostly on online videos trying out board games on TableTop (which we stopped watching after his absence). Spawn had kind of forgotten some of the other appearances until reminded and completely shocked over his child star era. Their impression was merely an older, fellow geek who had a good mind, talked openly about his struggles and mantraed the poetically simple “Don’t be a Dick” as a life goal.

It was rather mind blowing for them to have that one impression and then seeing them acting and proficiently so. When personally, the last photo above will forever be my strongest.

Sidenote, it also blows Spawn’s mind when I tell them that Mr. Wheaton is also older than I. I’m not sure whether to be offended when “NO WAY!” is the initial reaction…

However, I smirked when I remembered articles about how the uniforms used in the first seasons were spandex and so tight and hot that they became a health risk to continue using them before they switched them to something more comfortable in later seasons.

I had completely failed to note how many men sported dresses as well. They are never brought front and center, nor discussed, but if you observe the background, its there. Though it seems to be fading as time goes on.

Or that things liks ownership over another person was archaic as a concept. It was not odd to have more than one relationships with others and jealousy not so prominent. It brings back the memories that were core to the original series… undertone of evolution, acceptance, understanding and nonviolence. I almost miss the allusion one of the character makes to “historical” terrorists acts in the 21st century… mentioned years before 09/11 had ever occurred… in a show. 

So, albeit it some of the special effects are just a touch dated… it tracks. Its ok. It has managed in the way the original Star Wars has managed to keep the allusion of future over years and years of CGI advancement. (However, DO NOT go and watch what George Lucas did to the original films in his “remaster”, it is god awful!)

It seems such a harsh contrast to everything in the news. It seems so opposite to everything people stand for now. I see an invalid deep in dementia that we have to call president. I see the democratic party shredding one another alive over who will win the right to sent the old fart to a home in the coming election rather unifying over a common enemy.

I see people either freaking over the possibility of getting sick or, in contrast, licking and touching every surface they can thinking themselves invincible and the whole thing a hoax… until they test positive.

Will there ever come a time when we let go of the pettiness? The hate? The he said, she said? Hiding truth because no one can trust people not to behave like psychotic animals in times of crisis? Then raising hell and wanting to sue when its found out that information was withheld? Will we ever grow past the cavemen of our past? or hell, our present?

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