you’re on the shortlist (g2)

I’ve had five phone interviews over the course of two days and I would have preferred to go back to my old shit job and work two solid weeks with no break instead. I think I would be less tired than I still am from long periods of trying to sell myself off to whatever one is willing to make the leap and buy.

I’ve never had a virtual interview with a company before wearing half my pajamas in the middle of the day, so that was certainly an interesting experience.

The more I’m trying to customize the details of my skills to each potential employer, the more I’m thinking… when the coronavirus has runs its course and this country has allowed so many to perish in the name of the almighty dollar, I truly hope there will be a turn of priorities for those of us who are left.

I want to see a flood of articles on Linkedin geared towards corporations on how to use the most optimal keywords to get a candidate. I want companies researching how to keep staff happy: taking courses on what “fair wages” actually fucking mean, not promote based on affinity to golf, and perhaps a business owner required to be certified on such topics as “when an employee has to work another job to survive, fork out the dough and pay a living wage, you dickless fuck.” I want a company who wines and dines to woo people to come to them and actually back up the courtship with solid benefits.

I’m not referring to medical care because honestly, like education, I feel that every single person in the country should have free access to both. I’ve met a lot of ultra smart kids who forego college from lack of funds, but you can’t convince me trump ever took a test on his own merit. If you have the drive to go for a pHd, you shouldn’t be in debt for the rest of your life to do it and daddy should not be able to buy you the degree of your choice.

Getting a debilitating illness shouldn’t fuck your entire financial future either. I’ve known of family and friends who had socked away, planned every dime, were financially in a place we all dream of being and one disease fucked them financially for the rest of their lives.

Benefits in a company should be regular pay increases on living wages, profit sharing, generous 401k matching, food and beverages provided for free or at least discount, on-site daycare, paternity leave, provide places to play and relax and blow off steam. Bonuses too. There are so many people who are more than willing to put forth the extra effort, some take pride in the company (no reason for that much in the states) but others, like me, we take pride in ourselves. I don’t need a pat on the back, I do all that I can so my team does not have to kill themselves taking up slack. We work together, share the load and everyone comes out on top.

I’m actually hoping to see the return of the union. Except not just for manual laborers, but for all workers. We need unification and representation. I want to see the greed crushed. When the top of a company is paid thousands of percentages above the lowest, they deserve to have a company left in ruins. Especially, if people who are barely making ends meet are being laid off first to sidestep the expenses. One manager salary at my last company would have saved at least three jobs each. Base worker to manager was 1 to 2 or higher, but they still drive down expenses by whittling at the base.

Watching the news, seeing all the bullshit from our massive joke of a president with his minimal comprehension, the circle jerk of indecision and inaction, and the climbing numbers of unemployment. I got news today that yet another batch were laid off from my last company, none of them of course in management. I’m sure those left to manage a team of none will soon have a long series of meetings to discuss that and its impact…. I hope they sneeze on one another.

It begs the question is that… when this is over, and it will end eventually, though theories on when are wide and varied….

What amount of us are going to be left to pick up the pieces?

I spend a lot of time angry with my country, but this is making me livid to the point of seeing spots with the rage. There is never been a more ideal example of where real american values lie than right now. A few thousand people are nothing compared to saving the economy? You’d think the fraud racket that is medical billing alone would at least have the incentive to keep people alive just to have someone from which to collect.

The patent lawsuits tossed at people and groups who are trying to prevent death by producing devices and parts needed by medical staff because the companies who are supposed to produce it can’t keep up?… it just does not make any sense. I hope there is a shit list being kept, because this bullshit needs to be addressed.

But as badly as I need a living wage myself at the moment, when one of the agencies called and told me I had made it to the “shortlist” they plan to review once they could reopen their doors, I had to wonder… how short is that list going to get before this is all over? Am I still going to be alive to even be on it?

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