do you have any regrets? (g2)

Another gem from the common list of tough questions asked during a job interview. It’s completely a dumbfuck question. Its completely loaded. No matter how you respond, you’re a dick.

But the bottom line: if you’ve ever taken a chance, followed a dream, tried anything and failed, or just flat out lived in any way… you have regrets.

Outside of being a complete sociopath, every person regrets at least something. The good and the bad simply shape who we become. We regret so we learn and become better, we push ourselves further away from the regret and the person who created it. In other words, we evolve… we grow.

We make mistakes, we fuck up, we regret and we pass that information to the next generation so they can make up a completely new set of fuckups to regret over rather than, hopefully, repeating our own.

FYI: If you pretend perfection in order to set a shining example, you’re a lie on a pedestal setting the next generation up for failure. Be real, you don’t have to fully disclose all the screwups (I sure as hell won’t), but at least let your own failures be a teaching lesson when possible.

Of course, the person who claims to have no regrets either has never truly lived, is lying to themselves or has body parts in his freezer and see no issue with that.

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