you really have to hate your home life to want to rage kill to leave it (g2)

I try to stay somewhat up on current events, especially considering they are so badly affecting my livelihood. Though by the time this is posted, this is probably history, but I’m kind of slow like that. I’m reading about Americans freaking out and protesting, spitting and killing due to… having to stay home?


Over a million people have been infected, and half the number of those who recover… die. So perhaps only 2/3rd’s of us are going to walk away from this if we aren’t careful and the way some handle that is rage at a bunch of strangers and punch and kick their way back to work? Spit on them? Stab them for asking they wear a mask?

Do they hate their families that much? Did all that money rerouted to “the wall” come from the education funds necessary to explain how viruses work? I’ve still had a nurse or two try to convince me you can get a flu from a flu shot, so maybe. They refuse to wear masks because what…. no one is going to tell them what to do? So that makes it ok to put everyone else at risk? People you don’t know, didn’t do anything to you and aren’t the ones who are making the rules…

Are they going to argue the virus down? Do they think it gives a shit what a fucktard with a suicidal side has to say? Did you really need to make your debut on that badly? Suddenly China welding people into their homes just doesn’t seem as extreme as it once did. Not when dealing with people like the above.

The source of the pandemic did not have anywhere near the widespread issues we have had with it, because it is STILL not being handled. Anyone pulling shit like spreading their fucking germs to someone, in this environment, should be charged for attempted murder. Period.

And then I read gems like this:

The CDC has created a 17-page draft recommendation on how to reopen the economy, with details beyond what was offered last month — including specifics for schools and churches. But the Trump administration will not implement it, a senior CDC official said Thursday.

On Friday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the guidelines were still in the editing process.

“Those aren’t CDC guidelines,” she told reporters. “Those are guidelines in draft form that a rogue employee has given you for whatever personal reason they decided to do that.” CNN link to story

Is it just me or is there an inordinately high number of dumb white bitches lately? And why is it they all have extra vowels in their names unnecessarily and sound like they just got booted from Lambda Chai Kappa Alpha Super Kitten Squad?

So some intern decided to whip out almost 20 pages of detailed literature on how to effectively get the country back on its feet and then just slip it to government like that is an easy thing? And if the advice was sound, you’re just going to dismiss it?

She’s supposedly attended Harvard… It’s in the top 10 party schools these days, so I’m assuming rich parents are the reason she made it through. I can’t see Trump ever taking a test based on his own merit… or say, studying…. or reading even a blurb in a reader’s digest on the shitter and actually retaining any of it, much less any legislation.

It takes a special kind to have that level of attention to read the intense amount of paperwork and proposed bills and laws that go through all branches of the government on a daily basis and you really cannot convince me any of them read even 5% of it. I wouldn’t, but I don’t run the country. If I did, the laws would be simplified to:

  • Don’t be a dick.
  • If you must be a dick, don’t be a dick that affects others, you go do it alone by yourself.
  • Remember kindergarten on how to work with others. If you cannot, you will be sent back for a refresher.
  • Pressing charges that are stupid will be openly mocked, tossed out and immediately fined.
  • Cheryl, if you give me anything over two pages in less than 14pt font to put in as law, it will be set on fire before lunch.

The bottom line though, the part I really don’t get… why are so many people who are healthy, have their families with them and have managed to avoid the illness so far freaking the fuck out and going out of their way to be dickbags to others? I get its frustrating and maybe they do hate their families and feel like they cannot escape. That isn’t the rest of the world’s problem and others should not be put at risk due to ignorant stupidity and basically… a big fucking adult-sized tantrum.

I’ve spent almost a lifetime of wishing I had more time at home. More time when I wasn’t blazing through to clean everything so I could run back out and not spend time enjoying what I worked so hard to pay for. I wanted more time with my kid, who I know gets stir crazy too while I only ever wanted to just park at home. We were always out of sync in that way. One wanting to be out while the other wanted to stay in, and it made us abrasive and caustic and unsympathetic.

I’m stressed at the lack of jobs, but the stimulus has made things ok for now. We’re healthy. We’re staying home and check in on our loved ones. We donned gloves when out, but the mask things we made didn’t exactly work for us but we kept our distance, and we have stuck with delivery since. We splurge on take out occasionally, hoping our little contribution will keep our favorites going.

But we’re not bored. We are in sync for the first time in a long time. We spend a lot of time together and we try to make it count. We do get on one another’s nerves from time to time, but its normal. We’re not tearing into each other like we did when I was working 80 hours a week and Spawn spent all of those hours alone and at home.

I don’t know if the lack of ever being bored is a Gen-X thing… being from the latchkey generation certainly makes you capable of finding your own entertainment, but I don’t get the hostility. It’s not anyone’s fault this virus is such a bitch, but letting it run loose without doing our part to make sure it doesn’t get worse… is.

Spitting in someone’s face is revolting at any time, but if the one being assaulted died from contact with someone asymptomatic… in this environ, I hope they are charged with murder, attempted at minimum.

To all of those who want to protest lockdowns that have been initiated for yours and everyone else’s safety because our federal government is overrun by monkeys… if you desire the choice between freedom and death, I pray you get the latter. Swiftly. For all our sakes.

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