what’s really valued? (g2)

I fear that the intelligence will lose to the commerce. That those who know its too soon to return back to work will be hazed as slackers not doing their part. I saw the news about Elon Musk threats to leave CA… the “taking my toys and going home” mentality. I hope his company manages to fail or boot him. Or they become the next mainstream Hummer, beloved by only the most pretentious with more money than common sense. Better yet, maybe it ranks with the Pinto… that’d be better.

I wish California would just give him the middle finger and ask the door not hit him on the way out. Of course, we all know the ass kissing is about to begin.

With all the sunshine and rainbow proclamations that businesses will be more open to working from home situations, they are simply too outnumbered by the backwoods thinking that tells them that no one works without being visually observed doing so.

So you don’t see God but you believe he’s there, but you have to repeatedly bug the fuck out of Harold 20 times a day just to make sure those entries aren’t just a figment of your imagination?

Sound logic.

What I’ve seen though has been a lot of “work from home” opportunities that are just exploitation gimmicks in disguise. Any time you are asked personal questions, it is against the law:

  • No company can ask your marital status
  • No company can ask if you have children
  • What kind of car or home or any personal information about you… not allowed. They can be reported. Unfortunately, if its not a real opportunity but just a click bait in disguise, they are not held to the same laws. You just need to report the job listing to get it removed.
  • If it looks too good to be true. It is.

I have a situation right now where the last company I worked for is setting up individual accounts for employees they let go… I mean they are taking personal information, like SSN, etc and filing unemployment as these individuals, under the guise of being for their benefit. I doubt its legal and helped one get their account under their control again. Then promptly reported them as a company and the individual names of those doing it. I do not see how that is allowed.

I’m getting inquiries about minimum wage positions because they are hoping I’m willing to take anything, franchise investments, fraud work from home positions, and declarations that my profile would be perfect for… sales…. but no keyword indicates they have read anything of my profile. Through it all, they are using official channels, job boards, respected locations to advertise and spam. Now I’m having to battle getting them off of it, so I’m wading through less bullshit

I get a lot of people are near that level of being desperate for work, but its sickening that exploitation is already beginning to the degree it is and I know its just going to get worse in ways I’m just not sociopathic enough to see.

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