what’s your greatest achievement? (g2)

I tend to feel like this is a loaded question.

It seems asinine if I say AND if I don’t say, my children, for example.

Saying Spawn is my achievement puts a lot of pressure on them to be a lot more than they are, as they are still in the development stage. Who needs that?

On the other hand, its no ones business in a job interview that I have kids. It’s heavily discouraged to even mention for good reason, especially if any of you are female. Do not ever fall for this. A counter if asked is “How would this be relevant to this position?” and then I’d report them.

But my greatest achievement?

I don’t have one.

There is nothing that I have achieved in life that has made any significant impact in my or my families life.

I could be haughty and say it is yet to come, but I’m pretty sure it is not.

I have no desire to run a marathon or climb a mountain. That spark that made me want to learn seven languages and travel the world… gone with the reality that my income will never allow for it many many years ago.

The desire to meet new people… with the spread of COVID, the racist cops, the shitheads online, the abuse, murder, riots, the general asshatness of many millenials and boomers… urge gone.

See new sights? Internet surf from my underwear with no additional exposure to lost baggage via body cavity search… urge also gone.

If I left the confines of this country, it would be the intention of not returning to it. Let it rot in its own stupidity, hate and ignorance.

A houseboat is tempting, as long as there is internet. I may be a hermit, but I’m still a hardcore geek and tech and water don’t really get along.

Anything that I have done that was hard… graduating magna cum laude with a toddler and full-time job… I did because I did nothing else as I should have and I was forced to not sleep for years just to get my life back on some semblance of a track.

That’s not an accomplishment, that’s suffering the consequences of your own dumbassery.

At this point in my life, if I happen to die before Spawn has achieved their own foundation in their goals, my achievement will be to leave them enough to get there without having to worry about their own survival.

That’s all I can hope for.

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