What Happens When The World Stops Spinning? (G-uno)

If you are resisting any sort of trigger go away now. I have just begun to walk upright again. I’ve been on my spiritual knees for about year. It all began when the world started spinning so quickly I could not find my way off of the edge. I’m not even sure if I jumped, or if I was pushed off. The only thing I’m sure of is the perpetual nausea that remains even now.

I’m not referring to 2020, the insanity of our planet, or anything even possibly comprehensive to the most sane individual. Frankly I cannot even imagine this topic being of interest to anyone outside of my own inner thoughts. I have been living in a world that remains spinning even though I am no longer on the ride.

I am no longer who I use to be. I’m not sure if this is a an improvement, or something less. I just keep wondering who else was on the ride with me.


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