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Idioglossia. An odd word but one that is defined as “idiosyncratic language invented and spoken by only one person or very few people,” per Wiki. One would initially think that it means this blog is meant to be exclusionary based on definition, but the exact opposite is true. We seek to keep the communication peculiar and special in its truth, in its openness, its freedom.

We will share raw stories of ourselves and welcome visitors to share theirs. If you want help, reach out. If you want guidance, we will do our best. If you want to tell the secret you’d never tell but want to purge its weight, we welcome you. If you just want us to shut up listen, we’d be glad to do so.

Welcome. -g2

  • G-uno – G-uno is the heart of this blog, the Earth Mother, the epitome of childlike fascination of every single person on the planet. She attributes her skills in keeping a functioning and happy home to the Magical Vagina(TM) that comes with being the woman of the house. I think it is simply because she had been capable of embracing every stage of development a human undergoes, retaining the positive while letting the negative go. G-uno has an insight into people in which she is able to understand others on a level they may not even understand themselves.
    • Big Brother – The eldest of three children that G-uno has gotten to know through her time as an assistant to Little Man. Unlike his two younger brothers, he is an average kid having to contend with the excess attention expended on his younger brothers.
    • Little Man – middle child and and center stage to many of G-uno’s stories. His superpower is autism and he has recently graduated from needing an assistant, a point Little Man has mixed emotions about.
    • Baby Brother or King – The youngest of the three children that G-uno has been working with and her current charge. For King, the world is to revolve to his wishes, much to the irritation of his brothers.
  • g2 – genderless. I tend to feel that people should relate to one another based on their core being, not by their gender, status or cosmetic attributes. I will feel mostly masculine some days, and others I’m in touch more with the feminine. People should feel unbound by such constraints in expressing themselves to one another, so I’m basically casting it off at the forefront. Where G-uno is the heart, I would be the sandpaper and sarcasm.
    • Spawn is the nickname I have given my offspring when I write.
    • Grand is the grandparent who raised me. There is a lot of lingering hostility there as you will tell when I mention them.
    • BFH – Best Friend & Hero or just Big Fucking Hero. My best friend of over twenty years and godparent to Spawn.

30 thoughts on “about idioglossia

    1. awww, my apologies for not being as adept as G-uno in replying as I should, but I sincerely thank you for making us part of your list and look forward to trawling through your blog 😉

  1. Hello Idioglossia thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I come by to read some of your articles and they are interesting. Keep posting!

  2. Hi G-uno and g2
    Hope you are doing well!
    On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we are celebrating moms across the world for 1 whole week! TCT is running a special series (name to be decided) from 4th May to 10th May’2015. We would like you to contribute an article themed around the same. It would be really nice if you can also provide original images to go with the text!

    We plan to run this post on 9th May, so if possible, please do provide the content latest by 7th May.

    It would be really nice for our readers to get a taste and flavor of your beautiful writing! So, I look forward to a yes from your side 🙂


    1. Thank you for thinking of us! I would be happy to participate. There maybe one tiny issue. Since our blog is not something we share with our family, or friends we would not be able to share original images. If you are still interested in a themed article it would be my pleasure. I spoke with g2, and we will be writing more Mom posts in honor of Mother’s Day on our blog. Please feel free to look through our posts and pick any posts you might like to reblog for your Mother’s day feature. Thank you again, G-uno

    1. I’m honored! I hope you won’t be disappointed at my lack of participation. I have done so in the past, and it was great fun. I just lack the time to do everything. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog, and again thank you so much! G-uno

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