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Grey’s Anatomy (G-uno)

“Maybe being grateful

means recognizing what

you have for what it is,

Appreciating small

victories. Admiring the

struggle it takes simply

to be human. Maybe

we’re thankful for the

familiar things we know,

And maybe we’re

thankful for the things

we’ll never know. At the

end of the day, the fact

that we have the

courage to still be

standing in reason

enough to celebrate.”

-Grey’s Anatomy



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employee appreciation… a question (g2)

My company is having an “employee appreciation” function, in the stank southern heat, to watch baseball, with the stipulation “one adult guest allowed.” Meaning of course, no kids.

As you can tell, I have 0 interest in going. We were chided a bit by Yankee Heather since she was the only one from our department who attended last year. not like I give a shit her about her indignation, but it did get me wondering…

How do you guys feel about employee appreciation functions?

To me, this is set up very exclusionary and unwelcoming. Most of us do have families and having to spend my free time looking at the same fucking people I’m paid to work with “for fun” doesn’t sound like fun to me at all.  Hell I wouldn’t want to go outside to watch baseball with people I like.

On the other hand, I do completely understand the important of good employee rapport. There is a lot of friction between the respective departments since only a few of us get we’re all cogs in the same damn machine.

But to me, they could be a lot more inclusive if they really wanted to show “appreciation”… say, by inviting the employees AND their families, having things that all spectrums of ages can do and enjoy. Another place I worked did something like this at a park (with trees and things to shade), served food, bit of beer with the soda, had an inflatable slide, bingo, a ton of other small inexpensive but fun things I cannot even recall right now and everyone from old to young all said they had a blast. My boss actually spent most of the time on the slide… I miss that boss…

So to me its kind of a slap in the face to be forced to watch something only a few of us enjoy in awful unshaded southern weather with only a limited amount of people actually invited with the added expense of wrangling a babysitter to do that. Um, fuck ’em?

How do guys feel about that kind of stuff? Important? Not so much?

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Tarzan Gets Zero Sympathy (G-uno)

Our little blog is not huge in its following, but I take huge pride in the fact that those who do seem to be way above average in their I.Q’s. I am never let down by your thoughts on a variety of different subjects. There is an old quote that states the best mirror is a friend’s eye. This certainly has become true with our followers. I not only appreciate your insight, but I look forward to knowing what you are thinking. So thank you all so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Unanimously no one felt like Tarzan’s deceit should be given a second chance. LOL if Jane knew about this blog she would be entirely pleased to know you shared her opinion. I read, and reread all of your comments. I really couldn’t disagree with anyone’s point of view so I will swallow my tiny nagging inner doubt, and move forward. Jane is incredible in every way so I have great faith that the “Universe” will remember this. I also have faith that she will meet a man who will not break her trust.

The only thing worse than being hurt in this life is seeing someone you love get hurt.

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“Belly Laughs” (G-uno)

We are all funny little creatures in this life, and even though there are a million things to find fault with the thing I love most is our humor. The moments where in the middle of all the daily madness where everyone’s mind goes to the same place at the same time, and suddenly you find yourself “belly laughing” at the moment.

Last night our daughter, and our future son-in-law came over to see us. We spend a lot of time with our kids even though they are grown-ups. It’s one of the things I appreciate most about our lives. It is also the road to some great “Belly Laughs.” The kind of uncontrollable laughter that comes from deep inside your belly. It’s a powerful laugh that causes your stomach to almost ache with delight. Tears of joy actually roll down your cheeks, and the inability to catch your breath is actually a good thing.

Our future son-in-law is a very polite, and very conscientious when he speaks to you. Even when joking he is very careful with his wording. Our daughter on the other hand has a much more mischievous nature with her humor. Our family is very open about subjects that other people might approach in a more polite way, or even more likely not at all! Nothing amuses her more than exposing human nature in its less than polite version. Unfortunately for her fiance’, she is particularly amused by his embarrassment when he feels that he has been impolite.

So as the four of us were sitting around the kitchen gabbing away we stumbled on the subject of their wedding. The kids have set up a really nice website where their guests can go on, and see all their wedding plans as they occur. It shows you when, where, convenient hotels for our out of state guests, the wedding party, and their registry. Our kids have been together for 7 years, and have lived together for almost 2 years. They are very organized, and have furnished their apartment with everything they’ve needed to make it their place a home. So under the category of registry they have stated that the presence of their guest was the only present they need.

At this point in the conversation our son-in-law who is usually very reserved started very openly expressing his dislike of having too many things, and began a comical rant over the items he found to be ridiculous like the cheap dish rack that didn’t even fit in their sink. Then our daughter looks up at him with the most stern look she can muster up without giving herself away, and says “Well way to go dear Mom bought us that rack!”

My poor son-in-law mortified over the fact that he realizes he has been brutally honest about his dislike over something I bought for them starts to stutter turning bright red with embarrassment. Our daughter looks at my husband, and myself completely amused with herself for putting him on the spot, over something she knows we would (and did) find absolutely  hilarious. Our son-in-law who is still trying to correct what he believes may have hurt my feelings is unaware that the 3 of us are trying to hold back the world’s largest “Belly Laughter” looks up with great sincerity, and says with complete mortification to our daughter “Well I just embarrassed myself!”

Our daughter, my husband, and I just burst into a roaring “Belly Laughter” that seemed to last forever. Aside from my poor son-in-law’s mortification it was just the best laugh I have had in a while. It just felt so good. All of us together sharing this simple, but wonderful moment. It was also a great bonding moment with our son-in-law. He is learning more about who we are on a much deeper level. I can’t think of a more beautiful way to bond than through “Belly Laughter.” 😉

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