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LGBT (g2)

The timing of my thoughts on equality in gender came during an election in my area in which the deeply backwoods-inbred way of looking at things-southern state in which I reside will have to vote on same-sex marriage. I’ve heard the whole bible thumping crap about it being against God (it’s isn’t in there, sorry and King James was a sexist bigot anyway, find a better translation).

I have heard that society will crumble if it is allowed and people will want to marry children and farm animals shortly after… I cannot even understand where people come up with this crap. I don’t understand why this is even an issue. Blocking two consenting adults from marrying (tort law, not religious doctrine) is a civil rights issue, not a moral or a legal one. If a church doesn’t agree with that, then that’s their prerogative and I guess they won’t be holding a gay ceremony there, but for this to become the issue it has? I really don’t get it. I just know there will come a point when people will look back on this era and wonder why the hell we were ever this stupid and filled with hate. Much like we ourselves do when this was about race and segregation.

I have also been reading where more and more people are wanting to remove the gender section from birth certificates. Some have allowed them to be blank, but this has yet to really make any major headlines. I suppose this applies more to the transsexual/transgender groups. A group I admittedly have a very small amount of knowledge about. I hope I will not be offensive when bringing up this subject, I hope you will guide me out of it and let me know why, I would like to think that most people who ask seemingly offensive things do so from a lack of knowledge they wish to remedy. I used to think if we as a population just use respectful words to one another, this would never be a problem. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve watched how words that once had no stigma become derogatory terms, harmful and hated.

When I saw the article about removing gender, I thought “whatever for?” It seemed a remedial and strange thing to want to define as a “cause.” I identify heavily with my gender, I’m pretty proud to be just as I am. It’s easy to forget some people are not, they hate the meatsack they were born in and want it fixed so their insides and outsides all match up or they simply don’t wish to defined at all.

In one respect, I can understand the desire to fix all of that and keep it secret, so secret you never share it with anyone, even a significant other, since this is the “real” you… because, well it felt wrong to begin with right? However, if I were that significant other, I would feel really betrayed to find out something as basic as gender used to be something else. I don’t know what I would do in this sort of situation. I don’t think I would be the type to be hostile (my first reaction is normally the “why” of things), but I understand that this is the reaction many get, to a revolting degree.

I would like to hear more about it, though, especially considering it is a group I know so little about. Even the L and G parts of society I’m friends will have pretty strong opinions and identification with their birth gender. Even when a friend of mine was getting the concept of “tuck and cross” for his drag competition, he was only “she” when in costume. I was also surprised to learn there are female models who do almost exclusively male modeling as well as male models who almost exclusively model female clothing. Would they be offended if I referred to he as “she” and she as “he”? How do you know?

I then realized that maybe by breaking down all the things that define us on paper: race, gender, height, weight, religion, etc. and eliminating them one by one, maybe we will begin to look at the human instead of the demographic.

And with that said, this has been playing in my head the entire time I wrote this. Enjoy!