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Let The Human Being Suffer, But By All Means Rescue The Kitty (G-uno)

We live in a society where people will rally together to save an animal from an abusive situation, but when it comes to a real live human being whose odd behavior frightens us then we simply want them removed from our sight immediately! Apparently Nickole Dykema has been exhibiting some very odd behaviors for years, according to her neighbors who witnessed her arrest this morning. I would like to point out that one neighbor was quoted as saying “She has never been violent.” She does however exhibit very strange behaviors, and screams a lot so the neighbors were so relived that she was arrested.

The police who were not familiar with Ms Dykema’s odd behaviors went to her home to arrest her for shoplifting from a Dollar General store.(Sorry I’m still not clear about those facts.) This woman who has never been violent with any of her neighbors was afraid of the police, and tried to defend herself with a machete. So the poor officers who were there to arrest her ended up having to tase the frightened woman before making the actual arrest.

I’m clear as to why the police made the decisions they made based on their assessment of the situation. What astounds me is that all the neighbors who did know Ms Dykema was not violent, and was obviously experiencing some mental health issues prior to her arrest all stood by for years watching her struggle. In all that time not one single person felt an ounce of compassion towards this woman who was obviously in need of care. If she had been a cute little kitten trapped under a tree I sure they would have all taken the day off from work to rescue the little darling. They would have all smiled in front of the ABC’s live cameras spouting off how sorry they all felt for the poor little kitty, and how they felt it was important to step in helping a creature who could not help itself.

Yet they witnessed a live human being struggling, unable to help herself, and they were delighted to have this nuisance removed from their sight! Ahh yes a fine example of “The Milk of Human Kindness!” This poor woman was living under horrible conditions with no electricity, or water. Which probably has something to do with her shoplifting charges. If you see the horrible arrest picture they have chosen to show of her, you can see that she is malnourished. (But by all means give the kitty some milk while this woman starves.) Ms. Dykema clearly was suffering in a multitude of ways, and her neighbors stood by, and did nothing. Let me correct that statement they did come out of their houses to stand in front of the ABC cameras to say how glad they were to have her gone.

My point is that if you are not cute, and well-groomed (even if it’s a symptom you have no control over without proper medical care) then you will more than likely be shunned, ignored, possibly even ridiculed. We live in a society that will spend millions of dollars to house the mentally ill in jails, but finds it fiscally impossible to address the mental health needs of citizens who are often abandoned by they own families, and society. Let’s punish the mentally ill because their own life circumstances haven’t caused them enough suffering.

Then let’s put a journalistic ratings spin on the story by calling their home a “house of horrors.” Let’s ridicule a human being for circumstances they have no ability to control, and while we’re at it let’s up our ratings by calling their horrific living conditions a spooky little name with a Halloween sounding twist. After all October is just around the corner. Shame on you ABC. Shame on all of us for ignoring the ill, and then patting ourselves on the backs for rescuing the poor little kitties.


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