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The Euphoric Reset Button (G-uno)

The curtains were softly blowing open it was just enough for me to smell the blooming night flower. I’m not sure what was more intoxicating the view of Athens lit up at night, or the sound of my family’s laughter coming from the next room. After being away for so many years it was euphoric to be surrounded by them. It was like a dream I never wanted to wake up from, I was home surrounded by love. I had the feeling that all the years between now, and my last time home had evaporated.
I felt the kind of comfort I imagine an infant feels wrapped in the loving arms of their mother. I had not felt that kind of peace in a very long time. The last decade of our lives had been filled with death, depression, and sprinkles of happiness in between. It had taken a huge toll on all of us in ways I don’t think we could even comprehend. I stood in the doorway watching Mr. G-uno, our children, and our Greek family laughing. In that moment I could feel joy literally swelling inside myself.
There is no feeling in the world like being surrounded by unconditional love. I knew in the back of my mind that this time to be together would be very short, but I was able to dismiss that dark thought. Instead I fell hopelessly into love, and laughter that filled the room. It was like hitting a reset button. Like shedding an old body that had been way to heavy for way too long. I watched Mr. G-uno come back to life right before my very eyes. I saw our children fall right back into a bond they were to young to remember existed.
As we grow older there are certain aspects of ourselves that we want our children to experience. The kind of things that no amount of words, no matter how eloquent they are can relay. As a mother it was a chance for my children to see me as I am as a person. A chance to understand who I am when I’m not consumed with managing life. I think I’m a little shocked by how much that meant to me. My wish is that everyone out there will have this kind of euphoria many times in your life. 😉



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So This Is What Happens When You Take Your Mom To Her First Drag Queen Club (G-uno)

So my “Goat Cheese” sister, my daughter, my baby brother, and I took our Mom out clubbing at a well known bar in our area where the Drag Queen Divas rule. My sister, and I have a long standing history of dragging our Mom to most of her first time experiences. We absolutely love it, and we haven’t been this amused since we got her to go on “Space Mountain” her first time ever in an amusement park.
Mom was not raised in this country, and our father was very settled down by the time he, and Mom married so they were always pretty content to be home bodies. For the sake of this little story you should know that a drag club would never have made our father’s bucket list. So we told our Mom what we were going to do last night, and invited her to come along. The only thing better than us all hanging out would be to see how Mom would react to all the great mischief that goes on when we all hit the club together.
Mom’s not a fan of any of us drinking so we gave her a heads up on that issue ahead of time to avoid the “world’s strongest death stare” from the otherwise cutest little 4 foot two inch Asian Mom you’ve ever seen. Our Mom is the least judgemental person in the world except when it comes to us drinking. This is partially my fault, but we will save this tale for another post.
As you walk up to the club it looks like any ordinary club/restaurant from the outside, and Mom was checking out her surroundings then the club door opens, and the music is roaring. The club was packed with the beautiful club star Divas in full swing. So of course we are all camera ready to snap Mom’s reaction, but no such luck as she hands over her purse, and hits .the dance floor with a six foot gorgeous red headed club Diva busting out moves we’ve only seen her use back in her M-T.V. days in front of our family console television.
You should know Mom was a huge fan of 80’s rock & roll bands. We ate, we drank, and our 4 foot two inch mother became the number one hit amongst the Divas stuffing more dollar bills in more places than our minds could have imagined. She was a total “Rock Star!” She did however draw the line when it came to “Twerking.” 😉

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The Hand-Me-Down Underwear (G-uno)

It’s quite possible that one of the reasons I am fluffy is that family dinners conversations have always been so hilarious to me. There’s something so right about sitting around a table together eating your favorite foods, listening to your family talk about anything, and everything under the sun. I think we all ate just a bit more just to be able to enjoy our time together a little longer. This is one of those conversations that will probably stick in my mind even after I forget everything else.

Our Dad was always making sure everyone in the house was well stocked up on underwear. It was just one of those quirky  things that a person can become slightly obsessive over. Our family was sitting at the table having dinner, and Dad told Mom we should head to the store because they were having a really good sale on underwear. I told our dad that we all already running out of room in our drawers, and probably wouldn’t be able put anymore underwear in them. Then I decided to ask him why he was always buying everyone new underwear.

Dad was number seven out of ten children. His father was a coalminer. Keeping ten children clothed, and fed was no small accomplishment. In order to stretch every dime hand-me-downs were a normal part of life. My Dad didn’t mind sharing pants, shirts, even shoes if they actually lasted. He did however hate the idea of hand-me-down underwear! Being the fourth brother in line for them conjures up a pretty vivid image of what their condition may have been like. He went further to say that it was a deep source of shame for him. Seeing our Dad vulnerable was a rare sight, he was a fierce personality so his sudden change in demeanor grabbed everyone’s attention.

Meanwhile Mom who always made us a huge delicious dinner was busily filling our plates with more food. Mom is a natural at multitasking in the kitchen. Her small delicate hands move so quickly they look like a blur. She grew up in Southeast Asia, with her brother, and mother. Mom would have to work in the rice fields so her brother could attend school. This was one of the only things I had ever heard her express remorse for, even though I knew there had to be a much longer list of things to be remorseful of growing up in her very meager circumstances. Her father had left them when she was quite young so her mother was the sole provider. She was listening to our Dad’s story, and then she said something that silenced everyone. She said “Well at least you had underwear.”

Mom even with her language barrier has a way of getting her thoughts very accurately relayed. I saw my father’s jaw drop. Then we all burst into laughter. Mom is unique in her outlook on life. She has a way of making you understand that your life is not as difficult as you might imagine it to be. What makes her ability so unique is that she manages to do this in a humorous way while she gently nudges you off the self-pity pot. 😉

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Crazy Conversations- “The Much Dreaded F.U.P.A” (G-uno)

Try to keep in mind this blog was intended to be a place where you can post topics you couldn’t possibly openly talk about publicly. This may be subject matter some could find to be quite offensive and most assuredly a little vulgar.  With that said there is nothing in this world like the conversations we have had with our children over the years. I am sure that yesterday being Thanksgiving other families were sharing warm exchanges filled with daily, and past memories. Well we are not that kind of family. Our dinner topics are always (for some reason) way off the normal range. To make matters worse my husband and I may be somewhat responsible for this because we find our kids to be hilarious.

Our daughter and son our grown now, both in their twenties. Yesterday our daughter and her boyfriend (boyfriend seems like a strange term as they have been together 6 years), held their first Thanksgiving together in their apartment. I call this young man “The Favorite” he is more on the quiet side ,and puts up with our family’s eccentricities. Our children are exactly 23 months to the day apart, but have always behaved like they were twins. One family member very accurately pointed out they do everything in tandem.

This year we happen to be discussing reasons to lose weight. Keep in mind we are celebrating Thanksgiving stuffing ourselves with delicious food. I of course say, I would like to lose weight for my health, and to feel better in general (I am a little on the fluffy side myself), the rest of my bunch are actually very weight appropriate. When my son looks towards his sister with a huge mischievous grin, and says “Mom the best reason in the world to lose weight is to avoid getting a F.U.P.A.!” Now having raised these children I knew fully that I was being set up here purely for their personal enjoyment, but I had to ask anyway. What is a F.U.P.A?

Here is your chance to leave this blog, let it never be said you weren’t fully warned! A huge smile now comes over our son’s face and he says” Well Mom that depends on whether your a male or a female.”  I glance over at our daughter who is unable to contain her laughter. The favorite is looking very uncomfortable with a look of please don’t say this out loud. My son continues explaining that F.U.P.A is an acronym. I am a fairly smart woman who is much too curious for her own good. I ask my son “What does F.U.P.A. stand for son?”

His reply “If your a male it stands for fat-upper-penis- area, and if your a female it stands for fat-upper-pussy-area.” Then both of our children, seeing my face proceed to burst out into hysterical laughter. Our son takes this a little further by saying “You know Mom, that huge roll of skin that folds over, and covers your “P” areas.” I can now visualize this in my head, all too vividly. I accuse my son of making up this vulgar acronym up just to mess with me. Apparently I was wrong. F.U.P.A. is a well known thing among people of a younger age group. Part of me believes this (after a great deal of time was spent trying to convince me), and part of me is still wondering if this is true.

Whether or not this term actually exists I will tell you this, I fully intend to conjure up that highly vivid image the next time I am trying give myself  an excuse not to exercise.   😉

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