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Screw The “Ostrich People” (G-uno)

“Ostrich People” My term for the screwed up people in your lives that take passive aggressive behavior to an even sicker level. Ostrich because these individuals take great pleasure in believing that they are screwing you without your notice. They enjoy being horrible to you, but at the same time they still want you to like them. They have a false sense of superiority. They believe that they are much more intelligent than you are, and by sticking their heads in the ground that you will not be able to see their wretched backsides staring you directly in your face.

Taking the high road with these individuals will not work! It only encourages them to believe that you really can’t see their butts in your face. I have come to believe that it’s probably a part of the grand design to not allow humans to see a trailer of your impending relationships in order to keep you from jumping ship before you get the opportunity to meet the actual good people in your lives. A perfect example would be Mr. G-uno. If I had seen how many “Ostrich People” that were to become a part of my married life I would have missed out on the love of my life.

The problem with the “Non Ostrich People” is their inherent inability to believe that someone can truly be a horrible, deceitful, conniving “Ostrich Person.” A “Non Ostrich Person” will continuously give the “Ostrich Person” the benefit of the doubt under the false assumption that they couldn’t possibly be right about the deplorable behavior because behaving in that wretched way is something they would never have considered doing to another person.

How does one solve the problem of being a “Non Ostrich Person”? First you have to pull your own head out of the ground. Then you have to remove the “Ostrich Person’s” butt from your face. I have removed my head from the ground. Should you have any interest in knowing how this can be done my next few posts will provide you with my personal removal techniques starting with my step sister-in-law.

New Year’s Eve Is Just Not Enough To Erase 2020 G-uno

If you’re looking for sunshine, and rainbows don’t waste a single second reading this post. You should also go away if you’re searching for some bull crap platitude about starting the new year with some magical clean slate. I spent the entire year trying to do my best to be positive, introspective, and forgiving. What did I learn from this little experiment in enlightenment? I learned that “When people show you who they are you should believe them.”

This writer is not looking for any sympathy, or any sappy commentary regarding my piss poor attitude so with the greatest respect just go to another blog. I can assure you that the next few posts will be filled with some pretty dark, sarcastic angry diatribes. Now that you’ve been given appropriate time to escape lets begin with crappy siblings.

I will admit that I broke a promise in 2016 that started this whole crazy mess. My sibling went on vacation, and I was asked not to clean up their home. I promised I would not do it, but I broke my promise, and spotlessly cleaned their entire home from top to bottom. I had some very great intentions, and some seriously legitimate concerns behind this broken promise. This however does not excuse the fact that I was wrong. I have potty trained this sibling. I realize that sometimes I overstep from the sibling role into the parental role. We come from a particularly complicated childhood. I am the oldest child. The fixer slash protector.

You should also know that I love my sibling deeply. I have been there for them in an above average way their entire life so admittedly I’m pissed that they are happy to enjoy my crossing of sibling boundaries when it suited them. I’m also extremely pissed that they pretended to accept my sincere regret for breaking my promise, while continuing to seethe privately until the point of exploding in the most vulgar outburst which was followed by the most passive aggressive retaliation seen since the demise of our parent.

My sibling, and I have always been extremely close. A relationship so close that it would have been completely unthinkable to anyone that we are now so estranged.

Weighed Over And Found Wanton (G-uno)

Some people just enjoy being hateful, and malicious. They delight in bathing in their own passive aggressive insincerity, toying with your life as though it were a game. So what do you do about those types of people? There are a couple of options. You could always play their game better than they do. Then there’s the option of not playing back, and just issuing the standard fuck you. You might even decide to sit back waiting for the perfect moment to exact your carefully planned revenge. Me personally I usually go either one or two ways.

The first less attractive way is when I’m caught off guard, and I completely call you out on whatever you did to mess with me. In a moment of blind anger I have been known to gesture while explicitly showering you with some pretty graphic much less than lady-like language. Very attractive behavior to be sure, my sister nick-named me the “kraken.” A little visual for the afore-mentioned behavior. *Remind me to write a post on my siblings anger behaviors in the future, hilarious stuff.*

My second way (much more attractive than the first) is to yes get really angry, but a more healthy much less “Kraken-like” approach. I will think about the situation weigh it over in my mind, and if the behavior is decidedly wanton I will sit back letting you fall on your own sword. If there is one thing that I am completely sure of it’s the concept that if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

This approach lacks the instant gratification of unleashing my inner “Kraken,” but after everything is said, & done there’s a lot to be said for not falling on your own sword. 😉

Inlaws or Outlaws? (G-uno)

I’m beginning to wonder if we are dealing with some mental impairment that we are unaware of, or if our daughter’s future MIL simply enjoys stirring up drama. Maybe it’s even some deep down old fashion jealousy, but poor baby girl has her hands full with this soon-to-be MIL! Future MIL is single so the kids try to make it a point to invite her over for dinner a couple of times a month.

Last night started off on a bad foot anyways (some pun intended here 😉 ) because future MIL who does not allow anyone to wear their shoes inside of her home insists on keeping her shoes on when she visits the kids. Did I mention the kids have a sign hanging on the door politely requesting that shoes be removed upon entering? A sign that was placed in hopes of not having to ask for the same respect that is not so politely demanded by the MIL at her home.

Our daughter knows that this is a passive aggressive act directed primarily towards her so when the MIL remarked that her shoes were just too difficult to remove, our baby girl smiled politely meanwhile envisioning prancing through MIL’s home with her most difficult “strappies”. Then it happened again! MIL who was told directly at the last dinner that the kids do not want to buy a home with a MIL suite on grounds. That they did not want to have anyone living with them other than their own offspring looks them both in the face, and announces again that they need to purchase a home with a MIL suite!

My poor future son-in-law looks directly back at his Mother, and firmly replies ” As we said before Mom that is not something we want.” MIL then stares him right in the face, and says ” Is that something you don’t want, or is that something she doesn’t want?” Well folks that’s the point where our baby girl jumps up looks MIL straight in the eyes, and replies “That’s something I don’t want!” Then future son-in-law stands next to baby girl, and says “We Mom, we.” Just when you think you could not possibly be any prouder of both young adults, they move to a much gentler tone explaining that it is not personal. That they would not want anyone else to live with them. That even if they were not just beginning their lives together, that this is how they are choosing to live their lives.

I’m not sure which part of the way they chose to handle this most difficult decision together makes me the proudest. Our daughter’s instinct to protect our future son-in-law, or her inner strength to stand up for her choices in life. Our future son’s ability to stand up for his future wife under the worst  possible scenario, of being forced to settle a difference between the two most important women in his life. Their firm, but compassionate way of dealing with MIL. It’s simply impossible to choose. 😉