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kicking diabetes ass: week 1, day 5 – why is food making me overheat? (g2)

OK, my kid has had kind of a hellacious week. What started as a conversation about putting on braces, turned into putting on the braces the same day and the very next having surgery to redirect an impacted tooth that is going rogue, as well as removing two baby teeth in the way of the rogue tooth. The only thing i could say through the whole thing is:

“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.”

It is too. Ironically, Spawn’s other parental has great teeth, in spite of the copious consumption of drugs and negligent living.

Me however…

37d569b2a202602ebcbb44dffd9d07e8(Apparently, this is Katy Perry?)

Well, I wasn’t quite this bad, but it felt damn close.

Every dentist I see generally oooh’s and aaah’s over the massive amounts of metal and brackets implanted in my jaw even now to fix an overbite when I was teen. I had my mouth wired shut for most of one summer while it healed.

Hopefully Spawn’s gone through the worst they will ever see and I only account for maybe 20% of the genetics that went into their teeth. If I had any more fingers to cross on that, I would.

I was pushing them to get everything done as quickly as possible too. Spawn has a tendency to get a nugget of bad news and, if given time, will dwell on this nugget until its akin to the most life-threatening and painful outcome known to man. By the time they actually do whatever the not-so-great thing is, I have gone though days and days of hell with bitching and fighting while being made to feel like the most awful parent on the face of the earth who is solely to blame for the current travesty. This peaks to a final declaration, when they finally undergo whatever it is: “huh, well that wasn’t so bad.”

There’s more than once when I envisioned ripping their damn head off and going all WWE with a chair on what’s left of their little body. It’s exhausting.

So this time, I steamrolled braces and surgery on my child in a less than 24 hour period, before they had a chance to consider a thing and now is just the recovering part. It was a bit scary, a bit painful, and a lot of soft foods and pain relievers. I’ve just accommodated any desire they have had, especially food-wise. I remember this part, it sucks.

Their dinner tonight was small chicken bites, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and a frosty. Not healthy by a landslide but at least no longer frustrated with being hungry and hurting too much to eat anything more than a yogurt cup like the night before. I talked Spawn down from trying to order fried chicken with the bone in. The logic of the medically doped, I tell you.

With that said, I’ve ended up twice being hungry and having to eat out during that 24 hours, which is almost always a bad thing no matter how hard you try.

I chose what I thought would be the most diabetic friendly on both occasions, one biting me in the ass worse than the other. The first was a grilled chicken spinach salad with strawberries, pecans, tomatoes, blueberries and a bit of onion. Nothing too big, just perfectly filling. It ended up not being so bad (usually I research beforehand, I didn’t get a chance this time).

The next… well, I’ve noticed that caesar salads seem to the most calorie-carb friendly at most of the places I checked, I don’t know why. They aren’t exactly my favorite, but hey… I’m giving this all the effort and dammit I was hungry. I grabbed a chicken caesar and we headed home.

When I got home, I tossed one of the packets of the dressing and the stupid croutons, but damned if the chicken wasn’t breaded. I have avoided this crap this long and the shit was breaded…. grr.

So my calorie intake blew to over 900, and this close to my birthday/cake day. I know I should chalk it up to a life lesson and move on but its still really irritating. Why put freaking fried shit on a salad? It said NOTHING about this when I chose it! Just like the hungry and dieting to declare this a travesty, right?

But after eating, it happened again. Several times now, I’ve had a salad only to feel like the room temperature went up about five to ten degrees, but it only lasts for about an hour. The cheese is different but usually there isn’t any, tomatoes also vary, with meat or without meat. In fact the only common element has been lettuce, but not always the same kind or mixture.

I googled this, which is always a mistake since it tells me I’m dying in several different debilitating ways. Another reason listed, which makes more sense is, diabetes.

But what about diabetes causes a person to feel hot after they eat?

This disease is stupid.