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4 Days & Jane’s Daughter Becomes Somebody’s Wife (G-uno)

Khaleesi is feeling the love in every direction these days since both Jane, and Ex-hubby seem to have made a truce for their daughter’s wedding. Surprisingly Ex-hubby’s 24 year-old girlfriend has continued to lay low in this mad rush we’ve all been in to put this wedding together. Tarzan has definitely missed his calling in life, this man should have been a wedding planner. Next to my own daughter I’ve never seen anyone put together an event with such detail, and organization.

Saturday’s the big day, and minus a few small details we are ready for this wedding to take place. This has been a chaotic month for me in many ways. So as much as I hate to say it my exercising, and blogging have been sorely neglected. Almost every significant event in my life seems to land in the month of June for me so emotionally I find myself feeling a bit chaotic. My range is from filled with extreme joy to grief, and sadness.This month is filled with the birthdays of some of my favorite people on the planet, and equally filled with the losses of my other favorite people on the planet.

My focus is on remaining in the happier zone, but when given a moment on my own my thoughts drift towards missing those who have left. Pretty fitting for a birth month strongly known for it’s duality. No worries though I have my big girl pants pulled up, and I have been able to remain mindfully in the moment of the happier events. Khaleesi is like a daughter to me, and seeing her so happy has been so good for all of us. The beautiful thing about this life is that there are these wonderful milestones that seem to guide us all in the right direction in spite of all the other more difficult ones.