butt paper, the saga (g2)

With the hoarding and noise, I’m even hearing people here in the states trying to track down toilet paper to send to friends and family in Italy, Spain and those hit the hardest and on lockdown or quarantine.

Out of curiosity, I searched on Amazon to see what was available. At that very moment, the only toilet paper in stock, was this one and one other style of the same theme.


I checked again the next day and obviously Amazon is doings its best to get stuff back in stock. There was more in stock, though some is gouging either in price or shipping charges… but the trump butt paper was cheaper than the new options… and yet, its not selling like the others… Do people feel like his campaign will benefit by purchasing it? Do they feel idiocy is contagious? Do they just not want that face near any holes on their person, even the stinkiest?

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